World Map of where I Love Linen goods are made

Packaging that makes a difference 

Did you know that we ship to you in 100% recycled packaging? Due to the abundance of packaging it takes to ship an item to you, we have set a goal for ourselves as a company to do our best at reducing the amount of landfill that e-commerce produces by choosing only to ship to you only in recyclable and degradable material. 

Notably, we have chosen Better Packaging comPOST bags for our smaller items. These bags are partly made from plants and renewable BPAT, meaning that they will degrade with no toxic residues. Re-use them or compost them at home, the choice is yours.  

For anything larger, we choose to use our 100% recycled boxes that are made to go straight into the recycle bin to be reused again and again and again. 


Dyeing with a difference

In order to be a sustainable as possible we do not use Formeldehyde to set our dyes, meaning less toxins for your body. It does mean however that the colour will not be as firmly set but we have made an active choice to design with quality and health in mind.