Pillowcase Sets

Pillowcase Sets

A Pillowcase acts as a protective slip for your pillow, keeping away dust and debris. As your Pillowcase comes into nightly contact with your skin and hair, it's wise to wash your Pillowcases regularly. Having several options available to switch out and wash when needed is a good idea. With I Love Linen's wide selection of Pillowcase options, it's easy to add a stylish selection of Pillowcases to your linen closet with just a few clicks. I Love Linen offers premium designs ideal for adding to your bed linen repertoire.

Premium fabrics

Whether you prefer a premium linen Pillowcase or a silky and polished bamboo Pillowcase, you can trust that I Love Linen has carefully selected the highest quality fabric, ensuring a premium night's sleep. Our French linen pillowcases create a relaxed, casual style, easily pairing with your existing bedding. With deep fold pockets and durable seams, our linen pillowcases provide comfort and quality for years to come. In addition, linen is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin. Invest in the perfect pillowcase set with I Love Linen.


How often should I wash my Pillowcases?

It's a good idea to wash your pillowcases weekly, as they come into regular contact with your skin and hair. Remember — it's wise to have a few pillowcase sets so you always have a set on the go!


Can I machine wash my Pillowcases? 

Yes! However, we have some tips and tricks for extending the life of your pillowcases. Check out our care guide to find out more.

What size are I Love Linen's Pillowcases?

Our standard pillowcases are 50cm x 75cm, our king pillowcases are 50cm x 90cm, and our European pillowcases are 65cm x 65cm. For more information about the dimensions of our bedding, check out our size guide.