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Shopping online can be challenging, so we have curated the most frequently asked questions to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Linen Bedding

What makes linen different?

There is so much to love about linen! Not only does it get the tick of approval for its aesthetic quality, linen is also one of the most sustainable, durable and temperature regulating bedding choices.

What does 170GSM mean?

GSM stands for grams per square metre, referring to the metric weight measurement of a fabric. A higher GSM represents a higher density. Our linen proudly sits at 170GSM, making it the optimum weight for quality, warmth, comfort and durability.

What is the difference between I Love Linen’s fabrics and those that are artificially softened?

Unlike other bedding brands, we do not artificially soften our fabrics with toxic chemicals instead opting to use natural Pumice Stones. So by shopping with I Love Linen, you will benefit from experiencing linen in its most natural form and be enjoyed for many sleeps to come.

Do you sell quilts and/or pillows to go with my bedding?

We completely understand the importance of quality bedding to match your new linens. That’s why we developed our Hotel Cloud Collection™️ to complete your bedding experience. Our tried & tested 5-star luxury hotel bedding includes supportive but soft pillows, plush mattress toppers, superior quilts to transform your bed into a cosy oasis. Our patented filling took 12 months to perfect, with so much care and research to deliver the ultimate finish.

How will I feel about your quality?

You’ll feel very satisfied with your choice! We’ve grown our business over the past 10 years carefully and sustainably. We never set out to be the biggest, just one of the best. That’s why we’re so proud to have thousands of 5 star reviews and a very high repeat customer purchase rate.

Bamboo Bedding

What makes your bamboo better?

There is so much to love about our bamboo! We only use pure Bamboo fibres, a more durable weave and colours that will work perfectly with our Signature French linen.

What threadcount is this?

This bedding has an akin to silk, with a 1000TC cotton sheets.

How is bamboo bedding made?

The Bamboo fibres are spun into a yarn before being expertly crafted to create threads. These threads are then woven into smooth fabric that feels sublime to couch. The two most common weave used to create Bamboo bedding is sateen and twill. While sateen weaves are longer, twill weaves are tighter and shorter, allowing them to withstand more washes without compromising the soft and luxurious feel

What is the fit of bamboo?

Our bamboo bedding has a more firm, unlike our linen which is relaxed in nature.

Is bamboo cooler to sleep in than linen?

As a natural fabric, bamboo is fairly breathable, which helps keep the sleeper cool and comfortable.

Hotel Cloud Collection

What kind of pillow are they?

Our Hotel Cloud Collection™ pillow is soft and down-like with micro-sized particles with cloud-like filling. As the name suggests, it is meant to feel soft and fluffy like a cloud. The flexible fibres inside can be moved and shaped more than other pillows to support your neck however you need to. Importantly, the filling is soft enough to let your head sink deep into the pillow and create a nice straight line for your head and shoulders.

Should I use a Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper if my mattress has a built-in ‘pillow top’?

While a pillow top is good in that it does offer some cushion support, it’s not designed to serve the same purpose as the Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper. It was designed to overcome the lack of uncompromising body support that a ‘pillow top’ in a hotel bed often results in. After many sleeps, the ‘pillow top’ will lose its shape and support.

Is this a Summer or Winter quilt?

We call this a trans-seasonal design because at 400GSM you can use it almost all year round. If you do happen to be a hot sleeper or live in a really hot and humid climate please consider that you will have less use than some sleepers. In extremely hot months we always suggest using one of our sublime French Linen coverlets or even your top sheet.