Unwind with Our Book Club Picks - 3 Holiday Must-Reads

Posted: 01 February 2024

Hello Bookworms, when it comes to the simple joys of life, there’s not much that beats the feeling of curling up with a captivating book - and what elevates that joy to new heights? Reading that book while on holiday.

For this month's Book Club, we're diving into reads that are tailor-made for those blissful holiday moments when time seems to stretch endlessly. Whether you're enjoying a long weekend or jetting off for a full-fledged getaway, here are three books that are so effortlessly enjoyable, you’ll breeze through them in your downtime.‌

"Never Ever Forever" by Karina May

Join Rosie Royce in the charming Aussie town of Mudgee for a heartwarming journey of new beginnings, unexpected romance, and self-discovery. Swapping her high-pressure career for local radio, encountering the charming Dr. Markus Abrahams, having a surprise reunion with past love (Wes), and taking a trip to India that challenges her comfort zone, Rosie’s narrative is chatty, charming, and a perfectly brewed concoction of emotional reality and surprising coincidences that simply cannot be put down. This one's the quintessential Summer holiday read, perfect for moments spent lounging by the pool or sinking your toes in the sand. Get ready for laughter, swoons, and all the warm fuzzies!

2. "Light at Lavelle" by Paullina Simons

Stepping back to 1929, "Light at Lavelle" immerses you in the epic love story of Isabelle and Finn. Set against a backdrop of historical events, unspeakable hardships and the iron grip of the Soviet Union, "Light at Lavelle" by Paullina Simons explores the resilience of the human spirit in this breathtaking emotionally charged epic. It's a historical fiction gem that that'll keep you turning pages until the very end. The perfect read to keep you entertained during those long-haul flights!

3. "Darling Girls" by Sally Hepworth

In this riveting psychological mystery, "Darling Girls" by Sally Hepworth. introduces us to Jessica, Norah, and Alicia, whose seemingly ‘lucky’ upbringing takes a dark turn under the care of foster mother Miss Fairchild. Expertly navigating themes of empowerment and mental health, this book weaves a gripping narrative around sisterhood, secrets, and murder. The twists and turns in this tale will keep you on the edge of your seat, earning "Darling Girls" its well-deserved five-star rating. A thrilling page-turner, and the perfect addition to your holiday reading list when you have plenty of time to dive into this world of suspense and intrigue, because you won’t want to put this book down.

Here's to unforgettable holidays filled with the magic of captivating books and the joy of getting lost in their pages. Happy reading!