Double Sided Cushion Covers

Our beautiful range of luxury French linen cushion covers add both style and functionality to your living space. Just like our signature linen bedding, these linen cushion covers will add a beautiful design element to your space and make your bed or couch feel even comfier. Designed with a hidden zip allowing you to style both sides with ease, you can play into your personal style. We suggest always sizing up for your cushion insert by around an extra 5cm to ensure your cushion looks nice and plump.


Linen cushion covers provide effortless elegance for your home
Our stunning curated range of linen cushion covers are just what you need to add that extra touch of colour and cosiness to your home. Designed to enhance a relaxed and casual ambiance and woven from luxury French Flax, our cushion covers are both durable and provide all the benefits of a natural fibre that is French linen. Easily change the look and feel of your decor by swapping out cushions, as they offer a versatile and adaptable way to update your design without major renovations.


How to style my linen cushion covers?
There are so may ways to change up your home with a simple switch up of your cushion covers. With I Love Linen's French Flax linen cushion covers, styling your space becomes a breeze. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns to complement your existing furniture and accessories. Need inspiration? Explore our lookbooks or reach out to our friendly customer service team for expert advice on styling choices.


How do I care for my cushion covers?

To ensure your linen cushion covers remain beautiful for years to come, it's essential to properly care for it. Linen is a natural fibre and needs to be treated with respect. Refer to our comprehensive care guide for detailed instructions on maintaining your new linen cushion covers.