Talle Casa Home Tour

Posted: 26 March 2024

Step inside a calming, architecturally considered space that has delivered both form and function in one beautiful, luxury family home. Soak up the clean lines, muted colours and see our newest shade Rosa styled to perfection.

The moment you approach Shanna's home, you're welcomed into a world of clean lines and understated but purposeful beauty.

Our Founder, Lauren drives past the stunning 'Talle Casa' on her commute to work. Nestled in a lush green patch right on the creek in the Gold Coast hinterland, she watched with curiosity as the build came to life. As an avid lover of all things design and interiors, it was clear to see from the outset that whoever was behind the build had an eye for design, and we're thrilled to step into the world of the talented Shanna Fairless who led the creative design process.

Talle Casa is a sprawling private retreat, capturing the essence of family living amidst sunshine and seclusion.

The short walk to the front door cocoons you in a calming green space, with olive trees adding the charming touch of the Mediterranean. Once you step inside, you're greeted with one of the biggest and most lovely open plan spaces, with two living rooms broken up by a dream entertaining space and kitchen. The views out to the lush green expanse and additional outdoor dining and entertaining area draw your eye in, as you mentally check into the home and imagine all of the long, languid lunches and soirees to be had.

Linking Mediterranean aesthetics with quintessential Australian functionality, Talle Casa is one of our most favourite homes we have visited to date. We love this style of design as it is a perfect example of how subtle colour tones and clean lines combined with very considered textures and materials come together in a magical way. Soft colours and textures grace every corner, creating riveting interplays of drama and delight. 

From the captivating travertine crazy paving to the jade green marble in the bathrooms and the resplendent Breccia Damascata marble in the kitchen, natural materials really take up the focal point of the home.

Follow along to discover how the talented Shanna designed their space and how to create the Mediterranean aesthetic for yourself.

Shanna wears our Lounge Set in White and Jade Apron

Q: Talle Casa has mastered the minimal Mediterranean aesthetic. For anyone looking to transform their space with this ambiance in mind, where is the best place to start and set the foundation for a design transformation? 

A: For me, I always begin by creating a mood board on Pinterest and scouring through design coffee table books. From here I would choose a few key design aesthetics that you will filter throughout the whole house. For example, in our home it was travertine tiles which we used in our bathrooms, pool area and our garden edges. Having a clear design concept will ensure that you stick to the style of your home and not veer off course. 

Shanna's sitting room is styled with our Rosa European Pillowcases

Q: Reflecting on your remarkable home build, what are your top 3 'must-haves' that anyone should consider to achieve a minimal aesthetic that still feels cosy? 

A: Sheer curtains I think are a must as they really soften the space. Install them from ceiling to floor so it makes your space feel grand. Rugs have the same effect, they can also soften a space and the right rug can change the mood of the room. In regards to the design of the home, we have a lot of garden beds that feel as if they’re inside the house which was a must as I’m not a big fan of plants inside the house, however I believe greenery is really calming and can make you feel grounded. So this gives the exact same feel but the plants are outside not making a mess. My three kids do plenty of that. 

Q: Based on your experience in styling your home, can you share some interior design tips that you would do again if you were to build in this style again? 

A:I would make sure that I was consistent throughout the whole house and kept within my chosen style. Our marble stone bench in the kitchen is so unique, everyone comments on it and it really brings me so much joy so I would do that again. You can still take some design risks, not everything has to be a safe option. This is why a mood board is great because you can see what works with your main design aesthetic and what doesn’t. 

Q: For those aspiring to achieve a similar look and feel to what you have created, without major renovations or building, we'd love to hear your decor hacks that can instantly elevate a room's elegance and bring in that coveted feel? 

A: Choosing new bed linen in an unexpected colour can instantly change the vibe of the room. Lamps are essential, soft mood lighting calms the space. Adding cushions to living areas, you can have fun here as it’s very easy to change a cushion cover if you’re no longer loving it. Finding unique or vintage items, such as vases can make your space feel like your own and will be a reflection of you and what you love. 

The master bedroom is styled with our Creme Sheet Set and Rosa Quilt Cover Set

Q: Colours play a significant role in design. Could you suggest specific colours that someone might incorporate into their decor to effortlessly create a calm and minimal look and feel?  

A: Colours are such a personal choice I believe. For me, green is a colour I’m really drawn to. It makes me feel calm and at ease. You will find it in most rooms of our home. Pink is another colour that we have quite a lot of in our home (think soft pinks). It’s in our kitchen, our bathrooms, in artworks. Again, it’s all about consistency and cohesiveness to achieve a minimal aesthetic.

The large dining room table is styled with a Beige Gingham Table Cloth and Natural and White Ruffle Napkins

Q: What is your favourite room in the home and why? 

A: That’s a hard one! I am so in love with our home, there isn’t any room that I would change. I love our Master because two of the walls are big glass windows/doors so you have this beautiful view of the valley and the creek. Our ensuite has this beautiful big green bathtub that has the same view and it’s magical.