The Robe Edit

Posted: 25 October 2023

You might not consider a linen robe to be a necessary item, but we do, and owning one is sure to make living life more luxurious.

We’ve listed our best selling robes to inspire you to embrace those self care days and live life on the luxurious side.

Making your everyday getting ready experience a lavish one, our French Flax linen robes are the perfect item to slip on before you choose what to wear for the day. Or perhaps add it to your morning routine when it might still be a little cold.


Why we love it: Bringing a sensation of tranquillity and calmness our French Flax Linen Robe in Sage makes the perfect addition to your at home spa day wardrobe. 

How to use it: Accompany with a warm magnesium bubble bath and your favourite tea (or wine) to further instil a sense of relaxation in your mind and body.


Why we love it: If you’re having one of those days when your energy is at a low and the household to-do list is growing then wear white. Why? you might ask. White in essence denotes the chance for something to be spotless whilst also negating fatigue. Arm yourself against tiredness and pop on our French Flax Linen Robe in White

How to use it:
Sit back and read a book to recharge after a long day's work.


Why we love it: Even if you haven’t moved from the couch you’ll feel like you’re on vacation, and if you are on a tropical vacation then why not wear our French Flax Linen Robe in Blush after a cool-off in the ocean. The premium European Flax used to create this robe is super breathable and sweat wicking making it the ideal garment for summer by the beach.

How to use it: Pair with your favourite bikini before you head down to the beach for an easy warm weather look.


Why we love it: Laze in luxury with our French Flax Linen Robe in Natural. The timeless Kimono inspired style calls for a girls night in so why not invite your friends to join for a night of catching up and bingeing your favourite rom-coms.

How to use it: Prep the popcorn and pop the champagne for the ultimate girls night whilst wearing the comfiest linen robe.

Beige Gingham

Why we love it: Crafted in our gorgeous beige gingham pattern; a must have, the French Flax Linen Robe in Beige Gingham encapsulates softness, youth and femininity, bringing calming simplicity to your wardrobe and morning routine. 

How to use it: wake up starting the day with an inner beauty moment sipping on hot lemon tea, slip on your robe and live your best life. 


Why we love it: Get connected to nature and attract positive energy with our eye-catching clay hue, it’s natural and earthy meets alluring and entrancing, fitting for day and night. Avail oneself of this care-free colour and shop the French Flax Linen Robe in Clay.

How to use it: take a break from the indoors and walk around the garden to enrich your energy and boost your mood.