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Located right on the doorstep of the Eyre Peninsula, @eyre.way combines architecture with the natural landscape for a luxurious, yet wholesome off-grid experience.

French linen, places we stay, @eyre.way

Connection to Country

Can you explain the meaning behind the names of both sites?

"We name our Tiny Cabins after different words in Barngarla language, the local First Nations People. We are aiming to have a strong connection/respect for the land they are resting on."

"Yambara means, ‘away, out of sight.’ Maldhi means, ‘Night or Night sky'. "

Places We Stay: @eyre.way
Places We Stay: @eyre.way
Places We Stay: @eyre.way

A reflection of the landscape

How would you describe the interior styling found at @eyre.way?

"The interior styling of each Tiny Cabin has been inspired by the surrounding natural environments of their own unique setting. All of our tiny cabins have floor to ceiling windows to ensure panoramic views in all directions."

"Yambara is perched up high to overlook the sand hills of Lincoln National Park, and a prominent coastal land mark ‘Whalers Way'. The interior styling draws in the natural pink tones of the cliffs and ocean sunsets. Here we have chose the colours of Sandalwood and Marine Blue for the French Linen Bedding, representing the colours of the landscape and the handmade tiles represent the pearl seashells found on the private beach."

"Maldhi, is located atop a rocky gully that overlooks the Port Lincoln National Park, so we have usend a lot of green shades in the interior to bring the surrounding flora indoors. In keeping with this theme, we have chosen Olive French Linen Bedding for the bedroom. Similarly, the OSB board walls create a cozy, textured vibe. The limestone tiles highlight the chocolate coloured rocks of the gully and rock pools below, and are framed perfectly by the floor to ceiling glass entrance."

French linen, places we stay, @eyre.way
Places We Stay: @eyre.way
Places We Stay: @eyre.way

Disconnect & take in the views

What does the perfect stay at @eyre.way look like?

"You can start your stay by waking up with the sun, jumping out of bed to make a cuppa to have in your king sized bed while soaking up the colours of the sunrise filling the Tiny Cabin."

" You take your time to cook breakfast and enjoy it on the deck, listening to the birds and keeping an eye out for whales! You can then enjoy a hot double shower, powered by the off grid system. Followed by a walk to explore the pristine, coastal views of the spectacular Eyre Peninsula. Along the way, there’s every chance of spotting a mob of Kangaroos and maybe an Emu, but if you come across our resident family of Osprey don’t be surprised if you catch these magnificent birds feeding in the bountiful waters of Sleaford Bay, just below your walking track. And of course if you venture this way in the cooler months there’s a chance of spotting a Whale or two from a myriad of vantage points include the deck of your tiny house."

"You can spend your afternoon napping, playing board games, enjoying a glass of the complimentary wine or if you're super organised, you might want to get the fire pit and cheese board ready to watch the sunset over the water."

Places We Stay: @eyre.way

A unique stay

What makes staying at @eyre.way so unique?

"Staying in one of @eyre.way’s off-the-grid cabins knowing you are having virtually no impact on the environment, is an experience in itself. Throw in the incredible locations and a stay with @eyre.way is a unique adventure that will long stay in your memory."

"Each of our high-end abodes features expansive glazing to keep guests cosy during cooler months, while affording a majestic spot to watch the weather swirl and Whales pass by. But perhaps the most unique element is that the rugged coastline of the Eyre Peninsula is predominately private land with not a lot of accommodation. Now you can come and enjoy this world class views with all the luxuries you’ll need for your short stay in one of our tiny abodes."

Places We Stay: @eyre.way

Local secrets

What are the must-see places for visitors to experience the region like a local?

"We are so lucky to be only 25 minutes from a main town centre, Port Lincoln. If you can drag yourselves away from the private beach, panoramic ocean views and the bird songs you can venture into town. Port Lincoln is the capital of Seafood in Australia so the Fresh Fish place for a bite to eat is a must, followed by grabbing a coffee at Boston Bean Coffee Shop. If you fancy a nice meal created with local produce, complete with a spectacular view, Peter Teakle winery is for you."

"After lunch you will be spoilt for choice with the local shops... the Bayroom and Ella & Zaffron are beautiful homeware, fashion boutiques where you will not leave empty handed. My go to shop for an outfit to spoil yourself is Call Me the Breeze. To end your trip with a bang L’Anse cafe is a definite for breakfast, lunch or to just get patisseries for the road. We are incredibly lucky to have our own French chef in town and they have opened up a new restaurant that will be a highlight of your trip."

"If you are looking for a little sight seeing you can’t go past the Coffin Bay National Park and the Lincoln National Park. Highly recommended before visiting either is picking up a couple of maps from the Information Centre in the heart of Port Lincoln. Their friendly staff are a wealth of information."

Places We Stay: @eyre.way

Experience it for yourself

Experience this tiny abode on it's own slice of paradise for yourself. All bookings can be made through the @eyre.way Instagram