Want better sleep? Here’s 5 magnesium products to help

Want better sleep? Here’s 5 magnesium products to help

Posted: 12 September 2023

We’ve had the pleasure of testing out The Base Collective’s entire Unwind Bundle and from the get go we were impressed. These products should certainly become your go to for a wind down routine that prepares you for a good night's sleep every day of the week.

For good reason The Base Collective has become Australia’s number one magnesium skincare brand with a mineral powered product for almost everything and there are so many remarkable advantages that come from applying Magnesium directly onto your skin.

It can play a role in promoting skin and collagen production, combatting skin allergies, soothing sensitive skin, and aiding in the repair of the skin's protective barrier. With an offering that includes moisturisers, body washes, oils, serums and sprays, it can be hard to know where to start, that’s why The Base Collective has bundled up the best picks for enhancing your sleep and wind down routine into their Unwind Bundle. 

The Base Collective’s Unwind Bundle

Crafted with the utmost focus on pure relaxation and personal rejuvenation, The Base Collective’s Unwind Bundle is thoughtfully curated for you to encompass all the essentials for easing into tranquillity after a tiring day. Infused with the soothing aromas of Lavender and Chamomile, and enriched with Magnesium-infused offerings that prime your body for a restful night's sleep, this unwind bundle stands as your perfect five-step evening ritual.

Beauty Sleep Lavender and Chamomile Limited Edition Candle

Beauty Sleep Lavender and Chamomile Limited Edition Candle

Set the stage for a lavish wind-down ritual using this tranquil fusion of Lavender & Chamomile. The soothing aroma, coupled with the soft dance of the flame against the blue-hued wax, creates a moment to cherish and indulge in and helps create the perfect space to wind down in. 

Beauty Sleep Spray

Harnessing the power of its core components – Magnesium, Lavender Essential Oil, and Organic Chamomile Extract – this natural remedy actively promotes a balanced sleep cycle. These renowned ingredients have a history rooted in ancient global therapies, recognised for their ability to alleviate stress, ease tension, and bring serenity to both body and mind.

The Base Collective - Magnesium Bath Salts

Magnesium Bath Salts

These salts will definitely assist you in unwinding and melting away the exhaustion and tension accumulated throughout the day. The magnesium has a historical legacy of soothing weary muscles and promoting recovery, alongside its remarkable benefits for skin health. By simply dissolving one or two cups of these opulent pure Magnesium Chloride flakes into your bath, you too can anticipate a serene and revitalising experience that nurtures your mind, body, and senses. As you immerse yourself, you'll absorb all the nourishing qualities of this potent mineral, carefully sourced from the depths of the Dead Sea.

Beauty Sleep Balm 

This balm was really great on a winter night, banishing dry skin and deeply permeating the skin. Enriched with naturally hydrating components like Organic Shea Butter, Organic Olive Leaf Extract, and Organic Cocoa Butter the balm certainly worked its way into the skin's depths, eradicating dryness, diminishing irritation and redness, and fostering a more harmonious skin tone.

Beauty Sleep Wash with Magnesium and Lavender

Beauty Sleep Wash with Magnesium and Lavender

This product was the ultimate remedy for achieving a rejuvenating slumber and awakening with a renewed sense of calm and readiness. Its all-in-one solution helped to diminish irritation and redness and provide profound hydration. With the inclusion of Lavender Essential Oil and Organic Chamomile Extract, this wash was really great for unwinding and relaxing before bedtime. Meanwhile, the infusion of Magnesium and Organic White Tea Extract penetrates deeply into your skin throughout the night, eradicating dryness, minimising irritation and redness, and even harmonising your skin tone.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about then make sure to give The Base Collective a go to feel replenished and refreshed after a great night’s sleep.