Your Star Sign as an I Love Linen Outfit

Embrace Your Star Sign Style with I Love Linen

Posted: 31 August 2023

Explore dreamy I Love Linen outfits that align with your unique star sign. Whether you're a fiery Aries, an earthy Taurus, an airy Gemini, or a watery Cancer, we have the perfect linen ensemble to complement your cosmic energy. Let the stars guide you as you curate a wardrobe that not only looks fabulous but also resonates with your celestial essence.

In 2023, astrology has become a prevalent part of our lives, extending far beyond simply knowing our star sign. It seems like almost everyone you meet these days is well-versed in their astrology chart. With this collective knowledge of zodiac signs, we can put it to good use when it comes to picking out the perfect outfit. In case you didn't know Venus rules your affections, beauty, fashion and art and your rising sign represents your social personality and outwards style. So, let's dive into the depths of your rising sign and Venus sign to create a linen outfit that truly embodies your star sign. 

Shop the Ruby Set in Marine Blue


(Rising Sign: energetic and athletic, Venus Sign: bold and adventurous)

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, so they have a lot of energy! This star sign tends to need to move their bodies, whether they're athletes or not. It's important that their outfits feel good and look good because they need outfits that move with them. For an Aries, we recommend the Ruby Set in marine blue. Its vibrant color reflects their bold personality, and the comfortable fabric allows them to move freely while still looking stylish.

Shop the Lounge Set in Natural


(Rising Sign: sensual and practical, Venus Sign: elegant and refined)

Taurus appreciates the finer things in life and has a practical sense of style. They love comfort but never compromise on elegance. The perfect outfit for a Taurus is a French Flax Linen Lounge Set in Natural that exudes sophistication and relaxation. Its neutral color palette complements their practical nature, while the soft fabric provides ultimate comfort. Whether they're lounging at home or meeting friends for brunch, Taurus will always look effortlessly chic.

French Flax Linen Robe in Marine Blue


(Rising Sign: versatile and curious, Venus Sign: eclectic and experimental)

Gemini is known for their ever-changing nature and eclectic taste. They love to experiment with fashion and mix and match different styles. For a Gemini, a Marine Blue robe is the ultimate versatile piece that allows them to express their diverse personality. Its vibrant color and unique design reflect their love for variety, while the lightweight fabric ensures they stay comfortable throughout the day. From a casual day out to a summer evening soiree, a Gemini can effortlessly style their robe for any occasion.

French Flax Linen Robe in Blush


(Rising Sign: nurturing and cozy, Venus Sign: romantic and feminine)

Cancer values comfort and loves all things cozy. They have a romantic and feminine style, preferring soft and delicate fabrics, making the French Flax Linen Robe in Blush the perfect choice. Its gentle color and luxurious texture perfectly embody their nurturing and feminine nature. Whether they're curling up with a good book or spending a cozy evening at home, Cancer will feel pampered and stylish in their blush-colored robe.

French Flax Linen Apron in Jade


(Rising Sign: confident and glamorous, Venus Sign: extravagant and bold)

Leos love to make a statement with their fashion choices. They have a confident and glamorous style, never shying away from bold and extravagant outfits. For a Leo, a French Flax Linen Apron in Jade would be the perfect choice. Its vibrant color and unique pattern capture the attention and reflect their regal nature. Whether they're hosting a dinner party or showcasing their culinary skills, Leos will always shine in their bold and stylish Jade apron.

French Flax Linen Robe in Soft Grey


(Rising Sign: practical and polished, Venus Sign: understated and refined)

Virgos have a practical and polished style. They appreciate clean lines, minimalistic designs, and attention to detail. For a Virgo, a French Flax Linen Robe in Soft Grey embodies their refined taste. The timeless elegance of the natural linen fabric matches Virgo's understated aesthetic perfectly. 

Flax Linen Ruby Set in Lilac


(Rising Sign: balanced and harmonious, Venus Sign: elegant and refined)

Libra individuals have a natural sense of balance and harmony, and their fashion choices reflect their desire for elegance and refinement meaning the French Flax Linen Ruby Set in Lilac is the perfect choice. The soft and soothing lilac hue resonates with their harmonious nature, while the lightweight and breathable linen fabric ensures comfort throughout the day. 

French Flax Linen Lounge Set in Black


(Rising Sign: mysterious and intense, Venus Sign: alluring and seductive)

Scorpio individuals possess an air of mystery and intensity, and their fashion choices often reflect their alluring and seductive nature. For a Scorpio, a French Flax Linen Lounge Set in Black is the ultimate expression of their powerful and enigmatic persona and will add depth and allure to their wardrobe. The I Love Linen Wear collection provides the perfect canvas for Scorpio to embrace their seductive side while maintaining a sense of sophistication and intrigue.

French Flax Linen Ruby Set in Ochre


(Rising Sign: adventurous and spontaneous, Venus Sign: bold and eclectic)

Sagittarius individuals have an adventurous and spontaneous nature, always ready to explore new horizons. They love to make a statement with their fashion choices, embracing bold and eclectic styles like the French Flax Linen Ruby Set in Ochre. The vibrant and eye-catching hue reflects their energetic and vibrant personality. This set provides the perfect canvas for Sagittarius to unleash their fashion-forward and bold personality.

French Flax Ruby Set in Beige Gingham


(Rising Sign: practical and sophisticated, Venus Sign: timeless and classic)

Capricorn individuals have a practical and sophisticated style, always gravitating towards timeless and classic pieces so a French Flax Ruby Set in Beige Gingham is the epitome of their refined taste. The traditional gingham pattern adds a touch of nostalgia and charm, while the beige color represents their practicality and grounded nature. 

French Flax Linen Ruby Set in Daisy


(Rising Sign: unconventional and eclectic, Venus Sign: unique and visionary)

Aquarius individuals have an unconventional and eclectic fashion sense, always pushing the boundaries and embracing their unique vision. A French Flax Linen Ruby Set in Daisy is the perfect way for an Aquarius to showcase their individuality and creativity. The vibrant and sunny daisy color reflects their optimistic and forward-thinking nature, while the versatile linen fabric allows for endless styling possibilities. 

French Flax Linen Lounge Set in White


(Rising Sign: dreamy and romantic, Venus Sign: ethereal and whimsical)

Pisces have a dreamy and romantic style, often gravitating towards ethereal and whimsical fashion choices like the French Flax Linen Lounge Set in White, as it’s the perfect embodiment of their enchanting and ethereal nature. The purity and innocence of the white linen evoke a sense of magic and fantasy and Pisces will radiate grace and serenity in their white linen ensemble, transporting others into their whimsical world.