Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Posted: 14 June 2024

Learn from one of our favourite creative friends how she creates a romantic, dreamy and calming aesthetic to her home, and has also embarked on a truly interesting perfume creation journey.

At I Love Linen, we understand that your home is more than just a physical space; it's a reflection of your personality and a place where you seek comfort, tranquility, and inspiration.

Clair et Fonce, based in picturesque Western Australia, is renowned for her exceptional talents as a photographer, floral designer, and perfumer. Her work has graced the pages of prestigious magazines, adorned the pages of books, and she has collaborated with some of Australia's most recognisable brands. What sets Lucia apart is her unwavering commitment to originality, quality, and passion in every project she undertakes.

In this interview, we delve into the artistry behind creating a home oasis – exploring the fusion of nature and design, the transformative power of fragrance, the essence of originality in homewares, and the delicate balance between quality and passion in the world of home creations.

We believe that Lucia's insights and experiences will not only inspire your creativity but also provide practical wisdom for curating a living space that truly embodies the idea of 'home as a sanctuary.' Join us in this conversation with Lucia, owner of Clair et Fonce, and let's discover together the secrets to crafting a home that nurtures the soul and captivates the senses.

Incorporating Nature Into Home Design

Q: Incorporating Nature Into Home Design: Your work seamlessly blends elements of photography, floral design, and lifestyle. How do you believe the presence of nature, whether it's through botanicals or natural light, contributes to the concept of 'home as a sanctuary'?

A: I always look to nature to be my muse. I like to think of my interior as a type of garden, and I tend to it daily, through the act of cleaning and attending to the mundane tasks that need to be done. I have so many beautiful indoor plants in my home, as I find it not only aesthetically pleasing, but I also find that it has a calming effect having 'living' decor. Housing 'life' in your home adds harmonious energy, and I'm all about that!

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Q: Sensory Elegance: The Role of Perfume in Home Atmosphere": Perfume is often an overlooked element of home ambiance. Could you share your perspective on how fragrances can transform a living space and elevate the overall experience of 'home'?

A: I think you're very right about that statement, scents can be largely overlooked in the home.

It's actually one of the first things I notice when I walk into a house - how does it 'smell' and how does it 'feel', and most of the time those two senses go together, most of the time people are just unaware of that.

Scents have a powerful ability to evoke memories and emotions, and a specific smell can transport you back to a cherished moment, making your home a repository of beautiful memories.

Perfume helps to activate your senses. And different scents have varying effects on our mood. Lavender, for instance, is known to relax and arouse at the same time, while citrus scents can energize, and Rose can regulate the nervous system.

By selecting the right fragrance, you can set the desired atmosphere in your home, thus creating whatever mood to suit you and the occupants at that time.

The Essence of Originality at Home

Q: The Essence of Originality at Home: Your dedication to originality is evident in your work. How do you suggest our audience can infuse uniqueness and authenticity into their home décor and personal spaces?

A: This is a really good question. For me personally I don't really follow trends, I seek out the decor that I'm interested in; such as antique pieces and interesting art, and then I make it work together. Sometimes there might be a bit of an eclectic mix to the look, but that's really interesting to me, and it can still look very chic and current at the same time. I'm also a fan of minimalism and statement pieces, as I find it gives the room a more focused look whilst also creating a spacious and calming effect.

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance
Balancing Quality and Passion in Home Creations

Q: Balancing Quality and Passion in Home Creations: You've consistently brought quality and passion to your projects. What advice would you offer to our readers who aim to pursue their passion for home design while maintaining high standards for craftsmanship and creativity?

A: I think having a 'vision' or 'mood board' can really help with that. It's a good idea to take your time with this too as some quality pieces might be expensive and out of your budget at that time, so it's important just keep that vision till you can purchase the pieces that you really desire. In the meantime you can be inspired daily by adding little things to your home, such little flower arrangements in vases, hand picked from your garden, or arranging a fruit bowl on top of a pretty tablecloth. These little gestures help to keep you inspired and adds a special touch to your space for an affordable price.

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance
Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to leave their full time role and create a career aligned to their passion?

A: My advice would be to have a plan. Create a structure that you can continually build upon. Find a mentor if you can, or even just have some like minded people that you can talk business to, and bounce ideas around with. When I first started my business, I didn't have a plan and I didn't have anyone help guide me, so it just means the journey can be a bit longer than it needs to be if you don't start with a solid plan. And lastly, just go for it!! Have fun, inspire yourself daily. You're going to make mistakes, but that's how you learn and evolve. You'll never regret pursuing your passions!!

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Q: We believe that if you sleep well, you live well. What does your sleep wind down routine look like?

A: I loveee sleep and I do have a pretty routine approach to rest time as I find it suits me better this way. My routine includes a hot shower, a spray of lavender oil on my fresh sheets to relax me, a glass of milk and either a little bit of reading or a TV show. This sets my mind and body up for a restful sleep. Haha I do sound like an old person, but it really does help me to unwind from the day.

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Q: There is a delightful element of romance and whimsy in your work; where do you take inspiration from?

A: I've always been a bit of a romantic at heart. I really take my inspiration from nature - beautiful fruits, flower fields, well loved gardens, and the starry night sky. I also adore antiques and architecture, so I try to incorporate what I can into my shoots to reflect this.

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Q: For anyone wanting to take the leap to pursue professional photography, what advice do you have for them?

A: I'm a self taught photographer, and sometimes I think maybe I've done it the hard way, or a little back to front, but I love just learning either way…my advice would be - have a plan! Investing in and finding a mentor will really help your confidence (even if you're studying) and surround yourself with like-minded people that are excited to practice with you, and share their knowledge and experiences. If you are a little more isolated (like me) online groups are really good to be a part of. Most people are super helpful.

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance
Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance

Q: You have designed your own range of beautiful silks and natural perfumes, where did the idea come from?

A: I've always been surrounded with beautiful perfumes. My Aunty lives in Paris, and each year when she would come back to visit, she would bring all kinds of French perfumes for me try. So I grew up with a keen 'nose' for scents. As I became older I also was an avid perfume collector (as all the woman are in my family are) but as I began to study perfumery, I realised how harmful synthetic scents can be to your body, so I decided to create my own range of natural perfumes. I'm currently working on a new range of natural Eau de Parfums, so I'm pretty excited about this!

My Mother and Nanny (Grandmother) are also very interested in scents, lush lipsticks, cosmetics and also silk scarves. Nanny had a basket of amazing fine silks that she had collected from her world travels, and she would let me play and wear them as a child, and I so I just fell in love with the glamour of silk scarf from a young age.

Q: What colours do you gravitate towards in your home?

A: I actually have quite a neutral style in my home in terms of furnishings, although I do like to add bolder colours, with items such as flower arrangements, art and more temporary objects that I can change when I'm in a different mood.

I also have many house plants, so there is definitely a bit of greenery in the house too.

Q: From a design perspective, if you could go back in time, what era would it be and why?

This is actually quite a hard question, as I think each period had something special about it, but I think for me it would be the during the Renaissance period. The art, architecture, literature, and exploration of science, just would of been something so special to witness and be a part of. But if it was a little more recent then definitely the 1950's as I just think the fashion is just so pretty and feminine.

Three Keys to Creating a Home Oasis: Design, Aroma, and Ambiance