Indigo Home Tour

Posted: 22 May 2024

Meet Michelle, whose breath-taking home perched above the Gold Coast skyline seamlessly blends modern luxury with homely comfort. Through our Q&A with this talented homeowner, learn the design insights and décor hacks that will have you emulating this holiday-at-home aesthetic in your own space.

Situated on a ridge that overlooks the Gold Coast skyline, this home offers literal jaw-dropping views that take centre stage as sunset approaches.

Our team would have to be hiding under a rock not to have noticed the stunning Skyline pop-up on our socials; the soaring ceilings, natural light and the fact that it seems to be one of the most sought-after locations for photoshoots made it a very appealing location. It was one, we decided, that we had to see for ourselves and meet the talented person behind the design. 

Skyline is a masterclass in clean lines, mixing organic textures and working with a light and airy colour palette to make you feel like you have stepped inside a boutique hotel. 

Unsurprisingly, homeowners Michelle and James have a background working in luxury hotels and with this being their third renovation project they have absolutely nailed the brief to create a space that feels quintessentially Australian but with a global luxury resort outlook. We were truly inspired by the beauty that the 180-degree views offer. It was certainly hard to leave once we wrapped shooting!

The moment you approach Michelle’s home, you're greeted with a beautiful open plan space that makes the most with huge windows allowing the natural light to flood in and elevate the space. The pitched roof offers more than generous ceiling height that is anchored with the rustic floor to ceiling wall feature housing a cosy fireplace. 

Skyline encompasses the best in easy yet luxurious Australian family living and design, so follow along to discover how the effervescent and delightful Michelle designed their space and how to create a holiday at home experience for yourself.

Michelle wears our Ruby Shirt in Natural and Sage Apron

Q: Skyline has feels fresh, modern, yet very homely all at the same time. For anyone looking to transform their space with this ambiance in mind, where is the best place to start and set the foundation for a design transformation?

A: I would say the foundation for a design transformation starts with the home’s ability to embrace its surroundings and work with them. We eschewed fleeting trends in favour of a natural palette of timber and warm earthy tones, accented with pops of green inspired by the gum trees, which ground the view. A mood board is always a great way to begin this so that every item is chosen and styled with intention. 

Michelle's sitting room is styled with our Natural & White, Marine Blue & Marine Blue Stripe Double Sided Cushions and Indigo Euros

Q: Reflecting on your remarkable home build, what are your top 3 'must-haves' that anyone should consider to achieve a minimal aesthetic that still feels cosy? 

A: Sheer curtains I think are a must as they really soften the space. Install them from ceiling to floor so it makes your space feel grand. Rugs have the same effect, they can also soften a space and the right rug can change the mood of the room. In regards to the design of the home, we have a lot of garden beds that feel as if they’re inside the house which was a must as I’m not a big fan of plants inside the house, however I believe greenery is really calming and can make you feel grounded. So this gives the exact same feel but the plants are outside not making a mess. My three kids do plenty of that. 

Q: You and your husband James have a fascinating history working in the world of luxury resorts, so what elements in your designs helps Skyline feel like a holiday at home every day?

A: A key focus of luxury resorts is the “welcome experience.” Guests staying need to feel welcomed and at ease the moment they step inside as it sets tone for the stay. Often this is achieved by combining indoor and outdoor elements, high ceilings and plenty of comfortable furniture. We focused on this welcoming vibe by opening up the view with 8-metre ceilings, large windows and a cloud sofa you can just sink into and never want to leave all visible from the moment you step through the front door.

Q: Reflecting on your remarkable home renovation, what are your top 3 ‘must-haves’ that homeowners should consider to achieve a liveable home that is modern but is aesthetically Skyline in feel?

A: 1. Renovate based on your family’s needs now and in 10 years. 

2. Don’t go too bold on colours when it comes to furniture and joinery. Instead, opt for colours in soft furnishings that can be changed with the seasons. 

3. Large windows are a game changer. Spend the time and money to position these correctly to capture the beauty of your home’s surroundings. Whether that be a beautiful tree, ocean glimpses or a landscape.

Q. Based on your experience in transforming Skyline, can you share some interior design tips that you would do again if you were to build in a mid-century style?

A: Mid-century is such a beautiful style. There are so many ways you can go, but my key design tip for any interior is to make sure the home has soul and feels lived in. Lots of comfortable furniture draped with linen and textures to give the home layers. Pay homage to the era with art, sculptures and patterns. With a mid-century modern house, I would pay extra attention to the facade to captivate people who drive past. And yes, I’m one of those people who when I see a beautiful house, can’t help but circle back and admire it for a little longer

Dining room table is styled with a Sage Stripe Table Cloth and Natural and White Napkins

Q: For those aspiring to achieve that coastal modern style without major renovations, we’d love to hear your décor hacks that can instantly elevate a room’s elegance and bring in that coveted feel?

A: White walls instantly bring a coastal room to life, however beautiful soft furnishings, rich textures and stripes will bring elegance and create a homely feel that will make you want to stay home all day long.

Q: Colours play a significant role in design. Could you suggest specific colours that homeowners can incorporate into their decor to effortlessly create a cosy atmosphere?

A: Interiors are constantly changing and my favourite colour at the moment is Taubmans Shy Guy. It’s a richer tone with a tad more moodiness and I feel it will be a big trend for 2024. Indigo or olive cushions paired with tan and thick wool blankets will instantly add coziness to a room especially as we head into winter.

Q: What is your favourite room in the home and why? I would say our living room. 

A: I love curling up on the cloud sofa and just sinking into all of the cushions with a glass of wine after a long day. It’s good for the soul!