Decoding the Luxury: Why is Linen Bedding Expensive?

Posted: 20 June 2023

Read along with us and hear from our designer Lauren around why linen sheets are so expensive and whether they are worth the investment.

As a heritage brand with over 10 years experience, we have seen the increased popularity in linen bedding. Linen sheets are increasingly popular among bedding options for their unique texture, breathability, and durability. However, you might be hesitant to invest in linen sheets due to their higher cost. We understand there are many options available online, but we believe we offer some of the very best French Flax linen bedding at a price point that reflects the value and quality of our unique fabric. It’s also often commented on by customers who have tried linen from other brands. 

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When comparing the options available and figuring out how much you're willing to spend always look for the highest quality such as French Flax Linen, as it is known to be durable and premium. Of course this adds to the price but there is no point in substituting for inferior quality linen grown elsewhere. As Lauren says ‘trust me when I say it really matters what type of flax your linen bedding is woven from and I have been testing and researching fabrics for years now. I absolutely love the quality of French Flax Linen!’.

It’s Sustainable and Worth It

Additionally, the production of linen is more environmentally friendly than that of other fabrics. Flax plants require fewer pesticides and fertilisers than cotton, making linen a more sustainable option. This lower yield per acre of flax compared to something like cotton also contributes to the higher cost of linen. As Lauren explains, ‘I absolutely love how much of the flax plant is used compared to other raw materials, but the fact that this material is not a mass market item means you will pay for access to the limited availability of this amazing fabric’.

Meticulous craftsmanship and production

Linen sheets are made from the flax plant, a labour-intensive crop that requires precise care throughout its cultivation. The process of transforming flax fibers into linen fabric is intricate and time-consuming. From harvesting the flax to retting, spinning, and weaving the fibers, every step demands meticulous attention. The manual labor involved in creating linen sheets contributes significantly to their higher price point.

It’s Durable and Comfortable

Another factor that affects the cost of linen sheets is their durability. Linen is known for being incredibly strong and long-lasting, meaning that linen sheets are a worthwhile investment in the long run. These qualities also make linen sheets a popular choice for high-end hotels and luxury homes, contributing to their overall exclusivity and price.

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Our Linen Bedding is absolutely worth the price

While the higher price tag of linen sheets may initially raise eyebrows, please always keep in mind and consider the craftsmanship, comfort, sustainability, and prestige associated with this luxe bedding material. Linen sheets are the hallmark of quality and elegance, offering a sleep experience that goes beyond the ordinary. By investing in linen sheets, you are not only layering your bed with premium materials but also embracing a sustainable and long-lasting choice that enhances your overall well-being. So, if you're looking to elevate your sleep and indulge in the beauty of linen, don't let the price deter you from experiencing the incredible benefits it has to offer. This is an investment you need to make for your sleep. And as one of the most established brands online, we’re known for having some of the best quality linen available.