Behind the Design: Indigo

Posted: 14 May 2024

Returning to our adoration for deep, rich blue tones, we invite you to immerse yourself in the allure of Indigo. Our best-selling premium French Flax Linen now comes in our latest shade, a hue that our design team dedicated months to perfecting, ensuring it's a colour you'll cherish. Whether layering your bed with this tonal hue or blending it with our other complementary colours, indulge in the versatility of Indigo.

Indigo, a Welcome Return

In our early years as a brand, we once showcased a captivating Navy shade that beautifully complemented our range. After a hiatus, our design team delved back into exploring these deep blue tones, sampling numerous options until we discovered Indigo. This hue strikes a balance between striking strength and serene depth, inspiring you to infuse your home with vibrant colour.

We're thrilled to introduce this exclusive shade to our community, always seeking ways to seamlessly integrate it with our existing linen collection. Indigo is the hue we've long awaited. If you're seeking a colour to set the mood in your room, Indigo is the perfect choice. Its versatility effortlessly accommodates various design styles, ensuring you don't have to compromise on your vision.

Craft Your Sanctuary with Indigo

Styling Indigo with our range was particularly enjoyable, showcasing its versatility and the myriad looks it can create in your own home. With a focus on curated and core bedding, explore our beautiful French Linen Quilt Cover and Sheet Set in Indigo. We're excited to unveil Indigo to the world and eagerly await your enjoyment of it.

French Flax Linen Sheet Set in Indigo

Create your new sleep sanctuary with Indigo

The conception of Indigo sparked creativity, with mood boards capturing our vision. Inspired by all things oceanic, the calming, monumental waves embody the strength echoed by Indigo. Whether evoking a Euro Coastal feel, a Rustic Charm, or a Clean Lines aesthetic, Indigo adapts seamlessly to diverse styles.

Our Founder and Designer, Lauren, shares her enthusiasm, "We adore our newest shade and relish working with darker, deeper tones this season. As the weather cools, Indigo creates a warm, cozy bedroom ambiance. I'm particularly fond of our chic Indigo Stripe, a highlight of our Double-Sided Quilt Cover range."

"What we love about our latest shade, a part of our expanding Pure French Linen Bedding range, is its simplicity and versatility. By incorporating the stripe side of the quilt cover, you can achieve two distinct looks. Indigo has quickly become a team favourite, with everyone eager to add it to their personal collection!"

- Lauren, Founder

French Flax Linen Standard Pillowcase Set in Indigo Stripe

“From a styling perspective, launching this new collection was a delight, exploring different tones and textures. For our hero look, we embraced navy tones, pairing our bedding with a bedhead from Land Home, a lamp from Paola and Joy, and a cream travertine bedside table from Fleur Studios, resulting in a stunning bedroom ensemble.”