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Having a Flat Sheet as a part of your bed linen selection offers additional comfort (a flat sheet is soft and flowy against the skin), versatility (a flat sheet can be used on its own, under a duvet or combined with a blanket as a top sheet), style (a flat sheet can be folded neatly to create a 'proper' and complete look to your bedding) and ease of cleaning (the smaller size of the flat sheet combined with the lack of elastic means a flat sheet is more durable and easier to clean). 

Flat Sheets are also super easy to fold and store. This makes them all the more versatile for replacing a duvet cover in summer and pairing it with a blanket in winter in the cooler months. 

Here at I Love Linen, we have a range of sizes available, including a queen flat sheet selection and a king flat sheet selection, as well as all the standard Australian bedding sizes. So you can find the perfect fit for the whole family. 

What are the dimensions of I Love Linen's Flat Sheets?

We offer sheets in all Australian standard sizes. For specific measurements and clarifications, please refer to our size guide.

Can I Love Linen's Flat Sheets be machine washed?

Yes. Our flat sheets can all be machine washed. Nevertheless, our care guide provides some tips and tricks for keeping your bedding in pristine condition.


How should I style my I Love Linen Flat Sheet?

You can choose from more than 20 shades, and patterns at I Love Linen. This means you have plenty of opportunities to play around with different styling options. You can keep it simple and sophisticated with a coordinated matching set or opt for a unique mix-and-match bedding ensemble. Check out our style guide if you need ideas for your bedroom!