Places We Stay: @saltycabins_

Places We Stay


Introducing | @saltycabins_

Explore all the comforts of a traditional, rustic cabin with a contemporary Australian twist at @saltycabins_. Each cabin is meticulously curated to give you a unique, yet homely experience. Come with us as we discover the latest off-grid location in our Places We Stay series.

Places We Stay: @saltycabins_

Reimagined Traditional Style

How would you describe the interior style of Salty Cabins?

"Each of our cabins are a unique interpretation of a traditional structure. Our A-Frame cabin is our interpretation of a hike-to-cabin that you might find in the alps adapted to the Aussie climate with a healthy sprinkle of the Salty Cabins aesthetic."

"The cabin draws inspiration from the classic zincalume farmers' sheds which dot the Northern NSW coast. Our interpretation replaces the harsh tin exterior with a still linear but warm timber profile."

"Our interiors tell the sotry of a contemporary, yet familiar cabin. Every item housed in our cabins has been through to the endth degree. We edit relentlessly, removing anything that is not 100% necessary and true to the story of the cabin."

Places We Stay: @saltycabins_

Curated Experiences

What makes staying at Salty Cabins so unique?

"We agonise over the detail, and the result is a unique, curated experience. Uniqueness is core to our identity. Each cabin should enter you into a completely different story."

"We just provide the setting, the rest is up to you."

Places We Stay: @saltycabins_

The Perfect Stay

What does the perfect stay at @saltycabins_ look like?

"We consider ourselves creators, and our cabins are our creative outlets."

"We hope to subtly inspire our guests to create themselves, whether that be art, music or simply creating memories. Surrendering to the elements goes a long way while staying in one of our cabins. Raising with the sun and settling under the stars brings your body clock back into a more natural pattern and does wonders for settling our busy brains."

"Our name, Salty Cabins, was inspired by Summer holidays as children. Days spent at the beach, fish and chips for lunch, and watermelon under the shade of a tree. That euphoric feeling of returning home to your holiday rental, throwing your towel over the balustrade and walking into the shade all sun-kissed and SALTY. That euphoria is what we try to recreate in our cabins."

"So a day at the beach, followed by exploring one of our surrounding hinterland towns before heading back to your cabin for the afternoon is what we imagine as the perfect stay."

Places We Stay: @saltycabins_

Local secrets

What are the must-see places for visitors to experience the region like a local?

"We spend a lot of time at the beach. Christmas Beach at the mouth of the Brunswick River is a wonderland. The hinterland is littered with small townships with so much to offer. We love Newrybar, Federal and Brunswick Heads."

Places We Stay: @saltycabins_

Experience it for yourself

You can follow along on the Salty Cabins Instagram page for any availability updates or cancellations @saltycabins_ and book directly through their website