Meet the Mums from Franjo’s Kitchen

Meet the Mums from Franjo’s Kitchen

Posted: 01 May 2023

We also sat down with Fran, Jo and Aliza to find out how they wind down at night as busy Mums and the advice they hope to pass down to their children.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re partnering with our friends Fran and Jo from Franjo’s Kitchen and Aliza from Bumpnbub to give your Mum (or you) a free gift. Learn more here about the free gift. We also sat down with Fran, Jo and Aliza to find out how they wind down at night as busy Mums and the advice they hope to pass down to their children.

At I Love Linen, we believe if you sleep well, you live well. What is your wind-down routine to help you sleep well?

Aliza Carr

"I have a beautiful little 11-month-old girl who, for some reason, feels sleep is not her jam - so we are deep in the first year of parenthood exhaustion, and breastfeeding around the clock. However, some non-negotiables to get sleep when we can, are essential. I take magnesium in the form of a powder and also have Epsom salt baths."

"Magnesium is amazing for calming the muscles and body and this is incredibly helpful. Other things are: hot shower/bath (always) before bed, dim lighting, and something to calm down like a show or reading! I am also a sucker for a lot of pillows, and cannot sleep without at least a few (I also can’t forget beautiful clean, soft linen aka my I Love Linen sheets!)"

Fran Woods

"I have a rule for my bedroom, the bed is for 3 things, sleep, reading and intimacy. It's not for thinking or talking or being on a screen! So for me, once I enter my bedroom to go to bed, the lights are low, I wash my face and brush my teeth and then I hop into bed for some reading - always something fiction that takes me to another place."

"Once the lights are off I do some gratitude and breath work and then go to sleep. I used to be a terrible sleeper and suffered from insomnia for many years, but stopping having the bed as a place to "think" or "talk" has completely changed my life. If I do suffer from monkey mind, I get up and go into a different room. It's super effective!"  

Johanna Clark

1. "A 20-minute meditation on my bed after dinner before kids just got to bed - creating space for me to do ‘nothing’ and to quiet the mind after the day (also helps so much with sleep)"

2. "Time on the couch with my husband to connect and share a pot of tea  - may or may not include a bit of Netflix like Ted Lasso or a doco on cycling around the world"

3. "Into bed by 9:30pm at the latest - bed time is super consistent we very rarely end up in bed after 10pm… (no phones, TV's or such in my bedroom)"

What is one piece of advice that you have passed on to your children that you hope they carry with them through life?

Fran Woods:

Whenever my children achieve something, big or small, I tell them I am proud of them. But then I ask them, are they proud of themselves? In doing so, I hope I am teaching them to value their own input above and beyond anyone else's. In life we are our own biggest competition, so we need to be compassionate towards ourselves, and proud of ourselves. We need to learn reflection and then take action so that we learn from our mistakes and build on our own experiences rather than seeking validation from other people. It's a skill that has taken me a long time to learn and I hope in instilling these values in my children early they will treat themselves with compassion and respect, always. 

Aliza Carr:

My little girl is still very little, but the child-like wonder that has filled our home since she came into our lives has been astounding. If I am completely honest, she has taught me far more than I have taught her at this point in time. Everything she has taught me, I would like to remind her of as life goes on. Three of my favorite things so far are:

1. Ask for help, for love, for what you need from someone - my little girl has zero qualms with shouting “MUM” or “MORE” or “BALL” whenever she needs or wants - and I LOVE that. As adults, we forget that when we clearly communicate what we need, we thrive. We feel heard and understood. 

2. She teaches me every day, that there is magic all around us. That dog that just walked past, the baby shrieking across the room or the palm tree swaying above her - absolute wonder. She will stop what she is doing, just to stare and take it all in. We get so busy and caught up, that we forget there is magic everywhere. 

3. Zadie (my little girl) has shown me true confidence - at this age, they don’t care what someone else or the world thinks of them. They believe they can do absolutely anything they set their mind to (and most of the time that's true). She also expresses who she is, and what she wants and does whatever pleases her in that moment - what a freeing way to live!

Johanna Clark: 

I have 3!

1. Communication - talk and be open

2. Kindness - give love and be a good listener

3. Create do literally nothing or have nothing planned, and have the ability to check in, listen in and meditate