Bamboo Sheet Sets

Have your best night's sleep by indulging yourself in our bamboo sheet sets. Made from strong and durable bamboo fabric our sheet sets have a smooth finish that feels extremely soft and comfortable on your skin. Choose from our carefully curated neutral colours to match any bedroom style.

Indulge in a bamboo sheet set for your most divine night’s sleep yet

Slipping into bed at night into soft, supple bamboo bedding is a pleasure we hope you are able to experience for yourself. The reason? Bamboo sheets sets are woven from lightweight, super soft twill weave bamboo fabric which drapes delicately over your body as you rest at night. The soft and and supple feeling will make you happy from the moment you close your eyes and drift asleep.

The best news for you as you do your research is that you don’t have to spend much time deciding what sheet set to choose – when I Love Linen carries some of the most beautiful bedding online. Our dedicated design team worked tirelessly for almost one year sampling and testing various bamboo fabrics, finally landing on a desirable twill weave that is both long lasting and soft to rest on.


There’s a few reasons you should choose bamboo sheet sets

As long as you first choose premium long lasting natural fabrics then you will be a happy sleeper. The great news is that our sublimely soft Okeo Tex certified fabric has been tested by our customers who gave it a 100% satisfaction rating. Meaning you will love it too. If you have allergies or sensitive skin then a bamboo sheet set is the most ideal choice for you as the soft fabric is gentle on your skin as you rest.  

If you want a fabric that lets your skin breathe then bamboo is perfect for you. The natural properties of bamboo allow you to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, so if you’re feeling comfortable you’re more likely to have longer, deeper sleep to reset and recharge.


What is included when I buy my bamboo sheet set from I Love Linen?

Your new sheet set, woven in lusciously soft bamboo fabric includes everything you need for your bed and a great night’s sleep. Start with your fitted sheet, that comes in three depths of 30cm, 40cm and 50cm to ensure you get a great fit on your bed. Layer your mattress in a super soft flat sheet and then create a snug space for your head to rest by encasing your pillows in your new soft pillow cases.


How to care for your bamboo bedding

Your bamboo sheet set will last for years if cared for correctly, and we have developed an extensive care guide for you. Please wash in cold or warm water, aim to air dry in the shade use a gentle liquid detergent.

We understand there are a lot of places to choose from when you’re shopping for next set of bamboo sheets. Sleep easy knowing we bring to you 10 years of experience working with premium fabrics


How to style your new bamboo sheets

Layer your bamboo sheets with a beautiful bamboo quilt cover. Or choose a quilt cover from our signature French linen range. We’ve designed our range in a curated colours that work back with a range of colours that can create a calming space, a serene space and even a classic space. Our classic white, latte, clay and grey can be mixed and matched in endless combinations.