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"Not only did my order arrive in a few days but when it arrived it was beautifully packaged. From the box to the wrap, every element made opening this package even more special. The linen sheets are absolutely beautiful, super soft and breathable. They make sleeping so much sweeter and I can’t wait to add more colours to my collection. Thank you so much x" 

- 20 January 2018


"The ultimate luxury is new linen. We were gifted the white queen set for our wedding from family in NZ. From putting it onto our bed yesterday - an experience in itself as someone who loves a well made bed and then climbing into bed after a long day out and about we could feel the luxury sending us off to sleep."

Kay Harvey 7 October 2018



"Thank you for stocking the hard to come by single size 100% linen sheets! They are beautifully soft and breathable which makes them kind to my sons sensitive and eczema prone skin. A happy child = a happy mum!"

- Amy on 8 August 2018



"Having recently slept on linen sheets in a guest bedroom I decided I had to get some for my own bed. I purchased linen sheets and a doona cover from I love linen and am extremely happy with the quality. They are so surprisingly warm in winter that I don't need to have my electric blanket on. They look beautiful too."

- Alice O'Connor  on 9 June 2018


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"I was nothing short of excited when my lovely wrapped sheets arrived at my door. The excitement grew as I washed and put them straight onto the bed! The colour match of the sheets to the photos online are ideal and I couldn’t be more satisfied."

- Charlotte Baker on 4 April 2018


"I bought the soft grey linen and it has been a dream. Super comfortable to sleep on and it looks so raw and modern. This colour really works with pops of a brighter pillow or throw. So happy."

- Briony on 22 February 2017


"Linen has always been one of my favourite fabrics and to have it as part of my bedding now I am so in love! Thank you for my new quilt cover and pillow set, I will be back for more! P.S The customer service from the team is helpful and shipping is fast! Highly recommend"

- Kamille on 11 October 2017


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Bamboo Bedding 


"The quilt cover is incredibly soft and beautiful. So lightweight and breathable, and feels like heaven. My sister was over and couldn't believehow soft it was. Absolutely love how comfortable this is!"

- Kiah on 5 February 2018


"These sheets are beautifully soft. I was undecided on whether to get the bamboo or the 1000TC and ended up with a pair of each. Both are fantastic - excellent quality and feel great - I would still have a hard time choosing between them. The bamboo ones are maybe marginally softer and drape over your body. The colour is slightly off white - they are still gorgeous but if you want a pure white you may be better off with the cotton ones. I would absolutely recommend either set of sheets, they are easily the best sheets I've ever owned!"

Margot on 31 January 2016


"The bamboo sheets are the most luxurious as I've ever had the pleasure of sleeping in. Amazing staff to deal with & super fast postage. My first time using Afterpay & it was so simple. Will be buying more of these amazing sheets."

 - Patrice Banks on 22 September 2017


"These are the softest, silkiest sheets I have ever slept on! I look forward to bed every night knowing I can slide into these amazing sheets! I tell everyone about them."

-  Brooke on 21 February 2018


Testimonials on Hotel Bedding


Hotel Bedding 


"Having spent months searching for a soft AND firm pillow, this is the jackpot. I would recommend them to anyone- they are just like pillows you'd have at a five star hotel. As someone who is very picky, I can gladly put my name to these pillows."

- Matthew Mast on 4 October 2018


"I work in a linen and homewares store so know a lot about linen and have also tried a lot too! I came across ilovelinen while googling hotel bedding because no matter what i tried it wasn't quite what i was after. I am so glad i purchased the package i have been sleeping in heaven ever since! the quality is beautiful and luxurious, i thought the topper might flatten but still as comfy as the first day ( ive had about 5 weeks now). I love my free set of linen pillowcases to mix and match with my other linen bedding and the service and fast free delivery was the best! Thank you i will definitely be back again!"

- Loren on 30 October 2018


"Having recently stayed at a beautiful luxurious hotel, I was keen to replicate the experience at home. And boy was I impressed with this package - both my husband and I can't stop raving about it! Firstly the matress topper has turned our bed into the most comfortable surface ever, adding some much needed softness to our relatively firm king size mattress; secondly we cannot get over the warmth and softness of the quilt - it is absolutely delightful and in a frosty Melbourne winter is doing a perfect job keeping us cosy; and thirdly the pillows... wow! I was a little unsure about them at first as I'm used to a firm, memory foam pillow, but these are something else! We upgraded to the king size pillows and they are amazing, soft but supportive and completely comfortable - no more stiff necks and headaches in the mornings. I'm so glad I came across I Love Linen, it's literally everything I had been looking for in terms of high quality linen and value for money. I can't wait to treat myself to the sheets and quilt cover set next!"

- Annalisa on 15 August 2018


"We purchased the Queen size Deluxe Hotel Package with an upgrade of the Quilt to a king size as a Christmas ( 2016 ) present to ourselves. Sleeping has been just so delightful, the mattress topper is so wonderful to lay on. The pillows are just a delight. We have not as yet much of a chance to use the king size quilt as the nights have been just too warm in Sydney this Summer. We are looking forward to Winter so we are able to experience the entire package. We are so glad that we decided to purchase this product and would happily recommend it to other. James & Craig"

- James Hedding on 5 March 2017


Testimonials on 1000TC Egyptian cotton


Egyptian Cotton


"These sheets are exactly what we wanted. Soft, thick, and smooth. If you're after classic, white hotel style sheets, these are it. I also purchased the bamboo sheets which are equally as amazing but different (if you're having trouble deciding between them see my review). I would absoultely recommend either sheet set. They are the best quality sheets I've ever owned."

- Margot on 31 January 2016 


"These sheets feel absolutely beautiful. Even my husband commented on them. And he would be perfectly content sleeping on sheets with the texture of sandpaper."

- Leigh on 19 September 2016


"I am seriously in love with these sheets! Total luxury and amazing quality. I am certainly recommending these to friends as I can't imagine finding better :)"

- Jodie on 26 October 2015


"Arrived quickly, beautifully packaged and superior quality. Couldn’t be happier with these super soft sheets."

- Briony on 25 June 2018


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