Ochre & Sandalwood Lookbook

Ochre & Sandalwood Lookbook




Earthy & Bold - Ochre & Sandalwood

An exclusive look at our recently extended Double-Sided bedding range, we are so excited to introduce three new French linen Quilt Covers to our range. Our luxury Double-Sided Quilt Covers are now available in Sage & Pinstripe, Clay & Beige Gingham, and Ochre & Sandalwood. Seen here is our Ochre & Sandalwood Luxury French linen Double-Sided Quilt Cover.


French linen, Lookbook, Clay, Beige Gingham, Double Sided Quilt Cover


Two styles, one luxury Quilt Cover

With two designs in one, our new 100% French linen Double-Sided Quilt Covers will be 100% loved. We put our two latest shades, Ochre & Sandalwood in one bold duo, to create this dreamy tonal combination. Together, Ochre & Sandalwood are bound to provide warmth and brightness to any home.


French linen, Double-Sided Quilt Cover, Clay, Beige Gingham


Styling Tips

Style this bold combination on its own, simply by alternating sides of your French linen Quilt Cover and Pillow arrangement, to compliment your chosen Quilt Cover shade. If you wish to soften this look, we recommend pairing with Beige Gingham, White or Pinstripe from our range of exclusive shades.


French linen, Double-Sided Quilts, Beige Gingham, Clay