KING 1200 GSM Hotel Cloud Collection™ 5 Star Hotel Mattress Topper

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Our 1200gsm 5-Star Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper will turn your bed into a sanctuary of rest and comfort, with our exclusive microfibre filling developed over 12 months, in conjunction with luxury hotel consultants. Our development phase with extensive research and testing has resulted in the perfect fill to keep your body feeling cosy at night and create the cloud-like experience you usually only find at 5-Star hotels.

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Size: 45cm deep inclusive of 5cm thick filling. 183cm W X 203cm L
Material: High thread count 100% pure cotton
GSM: Ultra plush 1200gsm filling

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The easiest way to freshen up your topper is to give it a shake/fluffing to keep it nice and puffy for all the micro cloud-like particles to get some fresh air. We recommend doing this once a week for optimum results.

Every four months, we suggest airing your topper out on a clothesline to freshen it up.

The ultimate sleeping experience every night, thanks to our Hotel Mattress Toppers


- The individually filled cloud-like compartments are woven together to create a beautiful  feeling of comfort and support for your whole body

- Designed with a generous skirt that can be tucked under your mattress so the topper won’t slip off

- The patented Hotel Cloud Collection™ filling enables maximum airflow through each compartment, creating a sensation of ‘floating on air’

- It turns an ordinary bed into a sanctuary of rest and comfort



The Hotel Cloud Collection™ is a range of 5-star luxury hotel bedding designed so you can have the hotel experience at home. It includes supportive but soft pillows, plush mattress toppers, superior quilts and will a beautiful night's sleep, night after night. 


Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper


Our fine microfibre filling is designed to allow airflow, but please consider that every individual sleeps differently. This topper is for those who are wanting to sink into a cloud-like and cosy bed every night. It is so easy to convert an old or too-firm mattress into cloud-like bliss in minutes or turn your new mattress into the ultimate luxury.



When it comes to sleep, there's no point compromising

This luxury topper is hand filled with a premium blend of finely spun microfibre filling, maximising airflow to keep you cool as you rest. Over 12 months of Research & Development with a luxury hotel consultant testing and refining our design means this topper looks great, feels superb and will transform your bedroom into the ultimate getaway night after night.


Our customers love sleeping on Hotel Cloud Collection™ & you will too...


"We’ve had so much amazing feedback from our guests about these toppers that it’s become one of our signature features, keeping guests coming back and back again. It’s the best business investment this year for sure!"

- Taliah Lowry, Bower Hotel Byron Bay   

This topper is absolutely fabulous. I never want to get out of bed. It feels like heaven. I've purchased a couple of other toppers but given up on them. The latest one I only used a couple of times before I tossed it out. The feathers stuck into me and ended up all over the bedroom. I love the fit of this topper, it stays tucked into the mattress and the pockets stay puffed up. I can't recommend it highly enough. I want to buy one for everybody!!

- Susan


Possibly the best item I have purchased! It has been a complete game changer to my mattress and I have been sleeping 100% better!

- Kara


I have always had problems sleeping due to an uncomfortable mattress. I tried multiple mattress toppers to a have a good night sleep however none did the trick. Stop searching for a mattress topper now! This is the only one I have found that delivers the best sleep. Worth the buy for anyone on the hunt for a new mattress topper for your bed you can sink into!

- Sophie



Hotel Cloud Collection Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Should I use a Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper if my mattress has a built-in ‘pillow top’?
A: Absolutely, yes! While a pillow top is good in that it does offer some cushion support, it’s not designed to serve the same purpose as the Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper. It was designed to overcome the lack of uncompromising body support that a ‘pillow top’ in a hotel bed often results in. After many sleeps, the ‘pillow top’ will lose its shape and support.


Q: Will I need new sheets with a deep wall to go over my Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper’?
A: The Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper will enrich your mattress with an extra 5-8cm of support (depending on body weight). Add this to your mattress and you can work out what bed linen will suit. I Love Linen also sells premium Pure Linen and 1000 thread count sheets with a generous 40cm and 50cm deep wall.


Hotel Cloud Collection™ Mattress Topper


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All of our linen is stone washed several times before being sent to you, making it ready to use straight away! However, you may like to wash it first to help remove any excess natural fibres.
There is so much to love about linen! Not only does it get the tick of approval for its aesthetic quality, linen is also one of the most sustainable, durable and temperature regulating manchester solutions.
Our flax is grown in France, where the climate allows for ideal growing conditions producing the highest quality. Our pure linen range is then manufactured by hand out of a small SA8000 STANDARD & OEKO-TEX certified factory in China.
GSM stands for grams per square metre, referring to the metric weight measurement of a fabric. A higher GSM represents a higher density. Our linen proudly sits at 170GSM, making it the optimum weight for quality, warmth, comfort and durability. We regularly independently test our fabric to ensure the quality remains consistent.
We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of options, to fully customise your dream bed.

We’re based in Australia, and bed measurements (as well as size names) vary from country to country. We strongly suggest reviewing the size guide to ensure you purchase the perfect size for your bed.

Our Fitted Sheets are available in three depths - shallow, standard and extra deep. While 40cm is most common, some more modern memory foam mattresses are best suited to 30cm. To measure your mattresses depth, measure from the base to the top of the mattress along the pocket seam.

Standard Pillowcases are 50cm x 75cm, designed to fit a little larger as we wanted the relaxed and elegant linen look.