KING 1200 GSM Hotel Cloud Collection™ 5 star hotel mattress topper.

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Product Details plus

Hotel Cloud Collection™ - how is it different to other toppers on the market?

It's a seriously amazing mattress topper for your bed with microparticles of cloud like filling, which for years has only been available when staying in leading 5 star hotels and boutique luxury accommodation. Designed to meet superior luxury accommodation standards, it turns an ordinary bed into a sanctuary of rest and comfort - suggesting the slight sensation that you're floating on air.

Hotel Cloud Collection™ is different because it uses 100% patented filling that took nearly 12 months to perfect. There has been utter care and craft and many hours spent researching the ultimate filling that is:

  • 1200 GSM luxury topper
  • Superiorly comfortable for your body emulating a cloud like sleep experience;
  • Fine and flexible to regulate airflow to keep you cool;
  • Intuitive to yield to your body shape and then bounce back up when your weight is taken off;
  • The perfect fill to support your body yet create the cloud like experience.
  • Extensive market research shows time and time again that customers just adore this fill.

Please note: Our Hotel Cloud Collection only ships within Australia due to the bulky nature of the items. 

Our fine microfibre filling is designed to allow airflow but please consider that every individual is unique. If you feel you are typically a 'hot sleeper', or your bedroom does not have sufficient cooling or it is a hot time of year the mattress topper does create an extra layer on your bed and so heat regulation depends on multiple factors. Please choose carefully as we cannot, due to hygiene reasons, accept returned mattress toppers. As the microfibre filling has been custom woven for us as a super-fine, super-soft fill, it is intended to create a soft and cloud-like experience. Please note, however, that the softness of the fibres do not make it immune to wear and pressure from our bodies as we sleep, so naturally, you will see less buoyancy in some of the pockets over time. To ensure the longevity of your topper please follow our care guide closely here.



 The outer casing is high thread count 100% pure cotton


 Ultra plush 1200 GSM filling


 1200 GSM luxury topper. Generously filled with state of the art Hotel Cloud Collection™ filling - there is no mistaking that 5 star hotel   feeling when you lay down on your bed. It's supportive, cushiony and just heaven!


 Superb and 'cloud like' support with a nice supportive and cushiony loft


 Wonderful attention to detail - the mattress topper comprises of several 'pockets' that have been sewn together, thereby ensuring your   Hotel Cloud Collection™ ultra-soft filling doesn't spread and go lumpy. The mattress topper is 45 cm deep with the actual topper with   filling section being 5cm. p. 


 Anti-microbial and dust mite resistant – so fantastic for allergy sufferers


Reviews plus

Best Mattress Topper!

By: on 4 December 2019
I have always had problems sleeping due to an uncomfortable mattress. I tried multiple mattress toppers to a have a good night sleep however none did the trick. Stop searching for a mattress topper now! This is the only one I have found that delivers the best sleep. Worth the buy for anyone on the hunt for a new mattress topper for your bed you can sink into!

I Love Linen Response
So glad you found our Hotel Cloud Collection Mattress Topper! Thank you for taking the time to leave us this feedback x

King 1200 GSM Mattress Topper

By: on 5 November 2019
I purchased this Mattress Topper recently and I feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Amazing product! Thankyou.

King Size Mattress Topper

By: on 8 October 2019
I love the 1200 GSM mattress topper in the King size. It’s amazing and so comfortable. Thankyou

they're right! it is like sleeping on a cloud

By: on 22 January 2019
I've tried various mattress toppers looking for the right one - and now I've found it. This product really is like sleeping on a cloud, yes, the previous reviews are right. It's great - even the cats have a look of serenity when they're lolling about relaxing on the bed. Our previous topper was made with "cooling gel beads" (and a whole lot more $$ than the Hotel Cloud Collection) Bravo, you've made a fabulous product. Now, we just have to evict the cats from the bed!

King cloud collection topper

By: on 21 January 2019
Possibly the best item I have purchased! It has been a complete game changer to my mattress and I have been sleeping 100% better!

Hotel Cloud 5 star mattress topper

By: on 5 January 2019
Absolutely love our mattress topper - makes our memory foam mattress feel much more luxurious and is a perfect thickness!

Mattress Topper

By: on 21 November 2018
This is a lovely product I have only had for a week and it is like sleeping on a cloud don’t know how it will be a year down the track though


By: on 11 March 2018
We were sleeping on a firm bed and my husband and I were waking up in pain. A friend told us about this topper and we now rave about it too. Perfect amount of padding is now added to the bed and we don't have sore backs.

So comfortable

By: on 12 February 2018
I love the mattress topper. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Inredibly comfortable and has totally reinvigorated my mattress. Would highly recommend it

Like sleeping on a cloud

By: on 21 December 2017
I umm-ed and ahh-ed over purchasing one of these for so long and finally decided to just do it. Why didn't I do this earlier?! It's seriously like sleeping on a cloud. Provides support for my back as well, I'm waking feeling much more refreshed.

Love this!

By: on 8 June 2017
A friend had purchased one of these and was telling me how fantastic it was. I needed to replace my electric blanket / woolen underlay all in one product and so decided to get this and a separate electric blanket. My husband was a bit skeptical at first but from the first night we slept with this on the bed he was sold. Worth every cent I am recommending everyone I know buy these.

Awesome Mattress Topper

By: on 23 May 2017
Absolutely love my Mattress Topper. Makes my new too firm mattress so soft and comfy now am getting the best nights sleep Ive had for a long time, no pressure point pain on the my shoulder and hips. So comfy best money I've ever spent.

Totes Worth It!!

By: on 25 April 2017
Hi there-I am entirely IN-LOVE with my king-sized mattress topper!! Turned my ordinary bed into a dreamy-pillowy beckoning call to bed for a luxurious sleep extraordinaire! Combined with my linen sheeting--Gah!! I literally cant wait to hit the sack each evening, and I'm sleeping fantastically now. Thanx, I'll be back for other items...Also, I really appreciate your professional, dedicated and caring service... SL

Too luxurious

By: on 24 April 2017
This mattress topper is absolutely beautiful . You feel cozy, warm and relaxed in bed. I just don't want to get out. It really is soft and worth placing on any mattress. It has been the difference to our NEW king bed , which also has a soft top. It is one of life's treats .

Love it

By: on 2 March 2017
Love this topper. Had other toppers before but after trying this one! Wow!!! No comparison... this topper is so full and makes my firm mattress so much better. Only problem is... now I can't get my kids out of my bed! Only wish it came in a double size so I could buy two for my kids.

Hotel Cloud mattress topper

By: on 1 March 2017
Best purchase ever. i am so glad i have this to look forward to at night. Even my kids love it. My bed is so much more comfortable with this topper. i do feel like i am sleeping amongst the clouds. Highly recommend!

Heavenly sleep!

By: on 20 January 2017
Thank you to I Love Linen for great service. Answering all my questions prior to purchase and getting the delivery to us before we left for holidays. We had heavenly sleeps, so good we found it hard to get out of bed!

Love It!

By: on 1 December 2016
Absolutely marvelous product. WE have had the best night's sleep since purchasing the mattress topper. Love it!!

Very comfortable

By: on 17 November 2016
Great, we love this and the first few nights have been amazing.

Great Product!

By: on 4 August 2016
This is the best! Such a better way to go that buying a whole new mattress. So comfortable and supportive :) Love it


By: on 16 March 2016
I had a very hard mattress and needed to make it more comfortable, this is lovely a fluffy. Kind of like an oversized thicker quilt in a way but the stretch skirt keeps it from moving everywhere. The bed just feels really nice now.

Very happy

By: on 24 February 2016
Adds a very nice layer of softness to my hard old bed! Probably need a new mattress but hey this was a cheaper option!

Great job!

By: on 18 January 2016
This topper is real game changer, was incredibly happy to notice a big difference in my sleep immediately. It just makes sense to have one of these on the bed and the proof is in the pudding. I am a happy chap.


By: on 29 December 2015
We bought this a few months ago, just wanted to say that it is very luxurious to lie on - my husband doesn't want to get out of bed some days!


By: on 1 December 2015
We really love this - it has absolutely made the bed so much more comfortable, it is softer and much nicer to lie on.

Really happy with the quality.

By: on 26 October 2015
Was really impressed to find that this topper is such great quality at such a great price. Highly recommend!


By: on 12 October 2015
Hi guys we love this product, it's such a pleasure to sink into it, my back feels great, it's nice and puffy and the bed is much nicer now.

Loving it

By: on 14 September 2015
A really great quality product. Very comfortable :)

i''m converted

By: on 7 September 2015
i honestly can't sleep on anything without this mattress topper now. too good!

Big difference!

By: on 1 September 2015
Sleeping on this topper actually makes a huge difference to my sleep, It feels like a softer new mattress!

Excellent Value

By: on 6 July 2015
I bought this mattress skeptical because it's at such a great price point and I'm used to good quality but was not disappointed. A really great quality product at a really great price. Buying another for my sons room.


By: on 11 June 2015
This mattress topper is so good! Really hard to get out of bed in the morning now.

So so comfy

By: on 25 May 2015
We waited for a few months on the waiting list, I told my husband it would be worth it, my sister has the same and we have been sleeping so well since we put it on the bed. It's so cushioned and comfortable and so worth the splurge.


By: on 30 September 2014
We are sleeping so much better now, the honest truth is that the bed does feel better, like more soft but not too saggy. We have stayed in a lot of hotels and wanted that luxury bedding feeling and this topper is perfect, so happy and have told many friends about it

Like a new bed

By: on 9 September 2014
This is seriously amazing. My husband and I bought a very expensive mattress but neither of us could get comfy on it. Worst part, we waited too long to return it. A freind of mine referred me to this item. I wasn't so sure but she convinced me to give it a go. What can I say! It's an amazing transformation. Saved us a lot of money on replacing the whole mattress.

Changes the bed for the better

By: on 31 August 2014
We had a firm mattress and I was having difficulty sleeping. I would often wake up throughout the night, and it was very frustrating as we had paid a lot of money for it!! This topper is fantastic, it definitely has made everything feel more comfortable to rest on and my husband complains it makes it hard to get out of bed now.

So much easier to slee[ now

By: on 14 August 2014
I cannot stop raving about my new topper - even my husband finds it hard to get out of bed some mornings as it's much nicer to sleep in the bed now. Such a splurge but worth it.

Everyone needs a mattress topper like this

By: on 8 August 2014
This is simply one of the best purchases we have made in a long time. You don't realise how much better the mattress feels with this layer on top, it's so well made and we cannot speak highly enough about it. Thank you for helping us with our questions too as we had done a lot of research and wanted to make the right choice.

So happy

By: on 25 July 2014
Feels very good on the bed, super comfortable and we have bought the pillows too. It just makes the bed feel much nicer to sleep on and my back deosn't feel as sore


By: on 3 July 2014
I did a lot of research on hotel toppers, I was swayed by the affordability of this (considering some are $800) and I was a bit unsure if the price justified the quality. Your staff were very helpful in explaining everything about this topper and we are absolutely in love with it, it's completlely changed the bed and it does feel just like the ones we've slept on before.

Wow - really great

By: on 23 June 2014
This is an amazing topper - it's true my bed does feel so much better, my back feels better in general, it's not just hype. We love it so much and the pillows are divine too. Thank you!


By: on 16 May 2014
Wow, we are just so impressed with our topper, we stayed in a hotel and I've never forgotten how amazing the bed was, this makes the bed feel a million times more comfortable to sleep on, so supportive and beautiful. Arrived in record time and we love our hotel sheets also.


By: on 4 May 2014
This topper gets 6 stars in my mind, it really has changed our bed for the better, with back support and comfort. I didn't even know what one was until my daughter told me about it. Worth every cent for a better sleep.

Hotel quality

By: on 3 May 2014
As someone who travels a lot for work and pleasure I have a real thing about the quality of my bed. This topper is pure luxury and has made my mattress feel even better, if that was even possible. It does feel like you're sort of sleeping on a cloud but feels quite supportive also. We love it.

5 stars

By: on 10 January 2014
The quality of the topper is great, very good loft and my back and shoulders dont feel as sore anymore, I guess that's the topper working! Fantastic and would recommend.


By: on 6 December 2013
Absolutely love this mattress topper. Feels so good now in my bed.


By: on 23 October 2013
My back feels supported and haven't woken up with a stiffness since we put it on the bed. Exceptional. Haven't tried washing it yet but good to know we can when we want to.

Just like a cloud

By: on 27 September 2013
I cannot speak highly enough of this topper - it has absolutely changed my bed I have not stopped talking to my friends and colleagues about how much better I feel from sleeping on it. I bought on the basis of the reviews and this has exceeded my expectations, do yourself a favour and try it!

Same as the Diamant Hotel

By: on 17 September 2013
I always stay at the Diamant when I travel for work in Sydney and the best part of staying there is looking forward to the bed so I was seriously happy to be able to buy this topper for my own room. It makes the bed feel amazing and I wake up much happier I've told all my friends to buy one!! Loved your sheets too will shop again regards.

Excellent for my whole body

By: on 11 September 2013
I found this when I was just searching online and I am glad I did! I read the reviews and did my research and I think that it was good knowing that this is already in good hotels as I am a bit of a travel snob but once I got it on my bed I really felt a plush difference to teh whole bed and my whole back and body feels supported like it never felt before. The real deal!

Buy it!

By: on 23 July 2013
We purchased ours at the home show in April and some pillows too. It's exceptional quality, really has made my back feel better and we're buying some sheets now too. regards.

Such a worthwhile splurge

By: on 28 December 2012
This topper has really changed our bed. It was an indulgence and all I can think of is all teh years I have slept without it. Best investment for our bed and I'm eying of your pillows!

Ultimate luxury

By: on 9 May 2012
Wow - this is actually an amazing topper. We tried the pillows first from the homeshow and decided to order the topper, it is really worth the money spent. My husband loves it and he thought I was crazy at first for buying it!


By: on 16 March 2012
Makes the bed feel amazing. Love it, it is that extra layer of comfort and now I won't go back!

Makes my bed feel 5 star

17 January 2012
I love my new mattress topper! I have tried ones in the past, but they never did much to the mattress. As soon as I laid on the bed - I new this was of a completely different quality to the ones I had previously purchased! Truly a 5 star hotel feel. It is so soft but incredibly supportive.

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Care Guide plus

If you want to freshen up your topper, the easiest way is to give it a shake/fluffing to keep it nice and puffy for all the micro cloud like particles to get some fresh air - we suggest this once a week for optimum results.

Please refer to the care labels sewn into your mattress topper. A low fuss way to maintain your topper is to air it out every four months on a clothesline to let the fresh air freshen up your topper. 

Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper  - Hotel bedding king size

Looking for a better sleep? Experience the bliss of a 5-star sleep with this cloud-like support system for your body.

Want to know why this topper is for you? It's all about leading design. The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper is the result of painstaking design and thorough testing to guarantee a beautiful sleep experience. It is so easy to convert an old or too-firm mattress into cloud-like bliss in minutes or turn your new mattress into the ultimate luxury.



We love it! 
"We’ve had so much amazing feedback from our guests about these toppers that it’s become one of our signature features, keeping guests coming back and back again. It’s the best business investment this year for sure!"
Taliah Lowry, Bower Hotel Byron Bay   


Hotel Cloud Collection Mattress Topper


Invest in Hotel Cloud Collection™ hotel mattress topper and you'll be treated to:

- 1200 gsm of super plush pockets; one of the thicker hotel mattress toppers on the market

- A generous skirt that goes around the bed and can be tucked under your mattress so it won't let the topper slip off

- An improved and more comfortable sleeping position that provides plush comfort

- An easy care system (machine washable) that is highly regarded by our hotel clients



Keeps you very comfortable

This luxury topper is hand filled with a premium blend of finely spun microfibre filling, maximising airflow to keep you cool as you rest. In fact, this superb filling has been designed specifically for this bedding range and is found in no other brand. 



Supports your whole body as you sleep 

We all sleep in different ways and come in all shapes and sizes. These cleverly designed cushioned pockets add support just where you need it, with a cloud-like layer of comfort to sink into.



Designed without cutting corners - premium design

When it comes to your sleep there is no point in compromising. Over 12 months of Research & Development with a luxury hotel consultant testing and refining our design means this topper looks great, feels superb and will transform your bedroom the ultimate getaway night after night.



We have now been sleeping on our 5-star hotel mattress topper for 1 week and it's so plush and comfortable to sleep on. It feels like your on your own personal cloud. Well worth the money for absolute comfort."
- Janet 2017


Hotel Cloud Collection Mattress Topper


Brilliant Topper 
Thank you for finally giving me a great nights sleep. After researching toppers for a few weeks I purchased yours and could not be happier."
- Kelly 2017


Hotel Cloud Collection Mattress Topper


Hotel Cloud Collection™ was designed initially for the pure luxury standards of the 5-star hotel world 

A collaborative effort between some key hotel industry players led to the desire to create hotel comfort at home. Many guests would always be asking how to replicate the same feeling for their own beds - and now this very same supportive, soft and 'cloud-like' bed feeling will be a part of your home thanks to Hotel Cloud Collection™. If you're a luxury aficionado who craves the 5-star hotel experience in your bedroom then purchase your topper online today.


What's the Hotel Cloud Collection™ difference that makes it so desired? 

This topper took almost 12 months to design and refine in order to meet the high standards set by 5-star hotels. By treating yourself today, you're investing in fine craftsmanship and luxury fine microparticles of cloud-like filling. The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper comprises lots of individually filled Hotel Cloud Collection™ compartments that are all woven together to create a whole piece for your bed. The generous inclusion of patented Hotel Cloud Collection™ filling (which to touch feels like a mixture of delicate silk and feathers) in each compartment creates an even feeling of comfort and support for your whole body.

Hotel Cloud Collection™ is a superior filling which enables maximum air flow through each compartment, creating a sensation that you could be 'floating on air' - snugly secured but gently roaming. It creates that 'ahhhhhh' feeling when you flop down on a hotel bed for the first time and wonder how they make their beds feel so deliciously soft yet supportive at the same time.


More FAQ's from happy customers who bought a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper

Q: I have a mattress with a built-in 'pillow top' - would I also use a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper?

A: Absolutely, YES! While a pillow top is good in that it does offer some cushion support, it's not designed to serve the same purpose as a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper.

Your Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper was designed to overcome the lack of uncompromising body support that a 'pillow top' in a hotel bed often results in. After many sleeps, the 'pillow top' will lose its shape and support - never face that situation again by overlaying the patented fill of Hotel Cloud Collection™ on your bed and feel the immediate and long-lasting difference.


Q: Will I need new sheets with a deep wall to go over my Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper?           

A: The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper will enrich your mattress with an extra 5cm - 8cm of support (depending on body weight etc). Add this to your mattress and you can work out what bed linen will suit. 

I Love Linen also sells premium Pure Linen and 1000 thread count sheets with a generous 40cm and 50cm deep wall!


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