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It's important to sleep on high quality linen bedding

You’ve heard it many times before, but when you spend around 8 hours a night, or 3000 hours a year asleep in bed then you deserve and need really good quality linen bedding to create a cosy, relaxing sleep sanctuary where you can drift off with a smile on your face and wake up refreshed and ready to start your day.

At I Love Linen, we give you the benefits of working with and sourcing only the best quality flax to be woven into smooth and sublime fabric for the most beautiful night’s rest. When you spend a few minutes shopping with us, you’ve saved years of research and design testing – we’ve done that part for you! So all you need to do is choose your favourite colours and size and you’re ready to start sleeping, better.


Is linen bedding the best choice for bedding?

If you’re buying high quality, like what you will find at I Love Linen you will be sleeping on a fabric that is designed to regulate your body heat and keep your cradled in a snug cosy sleeping space. In the case of linen bedding, do believe the hype – and our thousands of customer verified 5 star reviews support what we’ve known for years – that our designs are some of the best bedding around.

If you shop with experienced French Flax linen purveyors like I Love Linen then you’ll be enjoying authentically stone washed linen to give immediate comfort to you as you slip into bed at night. Again, don’t just take our word for it – our customer reviews highlight the sublime sensation of our signature Linen Bedding woven from high grade French flax, you need to try it to experience it for yourself.


What is included when I buy linen bedding from I Love Linen?

There are a range of styles and colours on offer. Shop Linen Bedding fitted sheets, flat sheets, and pillow cases on their own. Or opt for a deluxe quilt cover set or sheet set in our finest linen fabric. And enjoy the chance to choose from over 20 beautiful colours and patterns that will elevate your bedroom the moment you layer your bed.

We understand there are a lot of places to choose from when you’re shopping for linen bedding online. Rest assured that we come with 10 years of experience working with premium linen fabric. And unlike some, we rigorously test and check our fabrics constantly to ensure you get the best sleep experience.


How to care for your linen bedding

Your new beautiful bedding will last for years if treated correctly, and we have developed an extensive care guide for you. Always wash in cold or warm water, aim to air dry in the shade and adopt the European way of using your linen bedding – with one set on the bed, one set on the line and one set in the linen cupboard. This ensures longevity for your beautiful fabrics.


How to style it

One of the best parts of shopping with us at I Love Linen is that our colours have been designed very carefully so that you can never make a wrong choice! Opt for calming hues, choose some bolder patters, or mix your pastels and bright colours for contrast. And of course get inspiration from our Lookbooks and speak to our very friendly Customer Care team who can guide you through your styling decisions.