Discover the Cocoa Gingham Lookbook and create an elevated neutral bedroom by styling Cocoa Gingham

Welcome, Cocoa Gingham.

Discover The Cocoa Gingham Lookbook and Create An Elevated Neutral Bedroom By Styling Cocoa Gingham

Discover Cocoa Gingham, one of three limited-edition designs in our best-selling Gingham Linen Sheets Collection. Delicious Chocolate hues woven against a warm White in our signature Gingham pattern. Let this chic new design elevate the neutral finish you love. While we'd love to keep them all, we can only keep one limited edition Gingham in our full-time collection. If Cocoa Gingham Sheets are your favourite, vote with your purchase now.

Inspired by the warmth of Cocoa, the design team wanted to reimagine I Love Linen's exclusively designed and best-selling Gingham Bed Sheets in a way that celebrated the shade that is capable of both bold and neutral styling.

Cocoa Gingham Bed Sheets

Create an elevated neutral look with Cocoa Gingham

Create a warm and sophisitcated space in your bedroom by dressing your bed in Cocoa Gingham from head to toe. As an elevated neutral, Cocoa Gingham Linen is the perfect stepping stone to incorporate pattern into your bedroom styling.

Depending on its pairing, Cocoa Gingham has the ability to create a bold bedding moment or create a subtle touch of depth and interest. Our team of expert stylists have chosen to hero the eye-catching design that is Cocoa Gingham by layering the Cocoa Gingham French Linen Sheet Set and Quilt Cover. Choosing to style with netural furnishings allows Cocoa Gingham to be the primary focus of the room, bringing extra warmth through choice of artwork.

We have chosen a stack of neutral books as a side table, Studio of The Sun artwork, Marloe Marloe Vase, Maison Balzac candle and incense holder.

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Cocoa Gingham Linen Sheets
Gingham Linen Sheets
Gingham Linen Sheets
Gingham Linen Sheets

Our Favourite Subtle Pairing

Incredibly versatile, Cocoa Gingham bed sheets have the ability to add an extra layer of visual interest to a more subdued or neutral palette. Even the most novice of stylists can effortlessy pair the Chocolate hues of Cocoa Gingham with Crème's creamy palette.

Our stylists have paired the Cocoa Gingham French Linen Sheet Set with the Crème Quilt Cover and Pillowcases to created this subtle pairing. Alternatively, style the Crème Pillowcases in front of the Cocoa Gingham Pillowcases to hero the softer elements of the look. We have included softer furnishings and decor in similar neutral tones, allowing a bolder artwork and Gingham bedding to be the dominant features.

We have styled this room with a McMullin & Co boucle stool, a neutral book stack, Studio of The Sun artwork and a beige chunky mug from Chaii Store.

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Gingham Bed Sheets
Gingham Bed Sheets
Gingham Bed Sheets

Our Favourite Statement Pairing

For the more confident stylists, elevate your bedroom's neutral palette by layering patterns and colours. Create a statement pairing by layering patterns of varied intensities like Cocoa Stripe and Cocoa Gingham Linen. Creating an intense look can be difficult, but the reward far outweighs the risk. Consider using The Bundle Curator so you can view your bold colour and pattern pairings together.

We have styled the French Linen Cocoa Gingham Pillowcases and a Flat Sheet with the Crème Fitted Sheet and Quilt Cover, with Cocoa Stripe Pillowcases. Hero the layered patterns as the dominant feature of the bedroom with paired back styling.

For this space we have chosen a McMullin & Co boucle stool, a netural stack of books and a Maison Balzac carafe and glass.

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Cocoa Gingham Sheets
Gingham Linen Sheets
Gingham Linen Sheets
Gingham Linen Sheets