How to Style Our Newest Double-Sided Quilt Covers

Since launching our best selling, unique and much loved Double-Sided Quilt covers, our community has been so supportive and we love choosing new and beautiful colour combinations to enrich our collections with each year. We have chosen three new styles that play into three beautiful aesthetic styles to elevate your home. 

Whether you’re craving a soft and floral look and feel, natural and earthy or classic we are sure that our new Double-Sided Quilt Covers will entice and delight.

Lilac & Blush | Floral and Femme

Enhance your bedroom with a delightfully soft, floral and femme pairing that works effortlessly. This design is a way to create a sense of fun by enhancing the softness of Blush with the playfulness of Lilac or instead add a floral accent by allowing Blush to throw a hint of soft pink and let Lilac speak boldly in the bedroom.  

To really make the most of this colour combination we paired our new Double-Sided Quilt Cover with a fun and femme Clay Gingham Fitted Sheet and the aesthetic pop of calming Matcha European Pillowcases. They work beautifully with both the Blush and Lilac shades adding that sense of floral whimsy to the bedroom. 

From a styling perspective we really explored the floral aesthetic with floral accented prints, fresh flowers and whimsical pink styling details with our soft rug and fun side table from Kira and Kira.

“I feel this design would be absolutely perfect for creating a new tween or teen room right up to creating a fun and vibrant master bedroom space. My moodboard for this design was always anchored in floral inspiration with fields of blooms bringing their colourful delights and I absolutely love it”

- Lauren, Founder

White & Ivy Gingham | Curated Maximalist

This design is especially versatile, and while the bold Ivy Gingham side will let you play up your bold and maximalist dreams, you can instantly flip this cover to enjoy the crisp, fresh look and feel of classic white linen.  

Adding a sense of fun to our styling session, we incorporated a Lilac Fitted Sheet and Lilac Pillowcases as it enhances both sides, for a fun and bold look. This whole look feels strong, bold but definitely considered. 

From a styling perspective we leaned into a somewhat retro charm, with the Palermo brushed chrome side table from Fleur Studios and a 60s inspired artwork. A playful lilac hued lamp and chunky candles round out this delightful bedroom scene.

“This look surprised me actually, because you can go from bold to calming with the flip of the cover. We’ve styled it quite brightly but this design equally looks fantastic with more low key styling aesthetics”

- Lauren, Founder

Sage & Natural | Serene Sophistication

For the lovers of low key, serene spaces - this design is surely for you. The harmony of our two best selling colours into one Double-Sided quilt cover is an inspired choice. The calming and serene botanical hues of Sage work wonders for your soul, and a simple transition to showcase the understated and ever classic Natural side reveals a down to earth and sophisticated aesthetic at once. In short, we know that this will be a very popular style. 

We chose to enhance these beautiful colours with our classic Pinstripe Fitted Sheet and offset with the deep alluring tones of our Jade European Pillowcases to create an aesthetic that is absolutely beautiful.  

To complement these divine colours, we styled with very elegant and low key accents. A Cesca chair, fluted lamp from Paola and Joy, and a rug with some deeper tones to really highlight the linens and some soft botanical blooms.

“A dose of calm when you need it most, this Sage and & Natural combination is an absolutely tranquil option and makes you want to snuggle down into your sleep haven immediately”

- Lauren, Founder

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