As the holidays approach us, many of us will be celebrating over a table of delicious food and surrounded by beautiful company. Make this event an experience to remember by styling your dining table with the perfect Bon Bons made from our French linen napkins. 


What You'll Need

*Method is dependent on how many people you are seating

Some fold-able cardboard

Six of your favourite French linen napkins (featured are the I Love Linen x Studio Jasmine Napkin Sets)

A ball of twine



1. Lay the napkin flat and fold the two length-way sides 1/4 of the way in.

2. Make the cardboard into a cylinder shape and place at the top of the napkin in between the two folded sides. Roll the fabric over the cardboard until a Bon Bon shape is formed.

3.  Wrap and tie the twine around the two edges and where the toilet roll ends. Repeat for the rest of the Bon Bons.

4. Pour yourself a glass of wine because you did it! That's all there is to it. 


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