Pure French Linen Fitted Sheets

Explore our luxuriously soft French Linen Fitted Sheets for a dreamy sleep. Our Fitted Sheets have an elasticised boundary that snugly wraps around your mattress without overstretching. All of our Linen Fitted Sheets are available in queen & king Australian standard sizing. Looking to shop for the matching set? Explore our Linen Sheet Sets here.

How to buy a good quality linen fitted sheet

Here at I Love Linen, our design team is super passionate about giving you access to some of the finest signature French linens you can buy online. Our Okeo Tex linen fabric is woven from long stapled yarns and made into a linen fitted sheet that comes in a range of depths – 30cm, 40cm and 50cm meaning you will be able to fit all mattress depths.


How to care for a linen fitted sheet

If you follow our care guide, then you can expect your beautiful linen fitted sheet to last for years. Ensure you follow the European method and have a fitted sheet on the bed, one in the wash and one in the linen cupboard as a good ratio to ensure longevity of your linen fibres.


How can a linen fitted sheet improve my sleep

What you sleep on can absolutely influence how you feel as you sleep. The properties of your new linen fitted sheet regulate your body heat giving you a much better chance of achieving deeper, uninterrupted sleep as your body can maintain a pleasing temperature as you snuggle down into your bed.