5 Star Hotel Cloud Collection Quilts



The ultimate all-rounder: breathable, warm & lightweight

Our 5-Star Hotel Cloud Collection 400gsm quilts are designed to be used all year round, hand filled with our premium blend of finely spun microfibre filling, maximising airflow. Comprising of several ‘pockets’ that have been sewn together, your ultra-soft filling won’t spread or go lumpy.

"Best Doona Ever"

“After a few years shunning doonas (too heavy! too hot! the stuffing falling to one end!), I decided to have one last go & bought this doona along with a beautiful linen cover. I LOVE this doona! Feels really light, yet cosy, and breathable too. I've never felt too hot, but in Winter, have also felt comfortable, warm and snuggly. Would highly recommend."

- Erin