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Our best selling 5-star hotel pillows were cleverly designed to provide the ultimate support for your spine and neck, whether you sleep on your back, side or tummy. With fine and flexible filling to regulate airflow and keep you cool, we’re sure you’ll have a great nights’ sleep every night.

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STANDARD Size: 50cm x 70cm

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It’s super easy to keep your Hotel Cloud Collection™ pillows fresh. We highly recommend using your free pillow protector & a couple of times a year, place flat in direct sunlight for a fast freshen up! It’s important to not soak, rub, wring, bleach or dry clean your pillows.

Pillows are naturally always better in a pair, so we’re giving you an absolutely free second 5-star hotel grade pillow!

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The Hotel Cloud Collection™ is a range of 5-star luxury hotel bedding designed so you can have the hotel experience at home. It includes supportive but soft pillows, plush mattress toppers, superior quilts and will a beautiful night's sleep, night after night. 


Hotel Cloud Collection Pillows   


Who's this pillow for?

These best selling pillows are a medium density that feel soft and cloud-like, suiting the majority of sleepers who have tried and tested our design. If you prefer a firm, hard or high pillow, this probably isn’t the one for you. Don’t take our word though, scroll back up to read reviews from our customers who describe how the pillow feels for them.


Hotel Cloud Collection Pillows


Cloud-like bliss


Unlike other pillows that have a coarse filling, odour problems or prickly feathers, our supple and anti-allergenic 5 Star Hotel approved pillows are designed with our luxurious patented filling. You’ll rest easy on your cotton casing and finely spun blend of air regulating microfibre particles. The double gusset design allows for optimal ‘spread’ of your filling for the best design.


Hotel Cloud Collection Pillows

Our customers love sleeping on Hotel Cloud & you will too...

My husband & I have found these pillows have improved our sleep, we were both having trouble finding a pillow that suited a friend told us about I love linen & the Hotel Pillow. What a difference they have made we wake feeling like we have had a good nights sleep.

- Hazel


Love these pillows so much. My husband has a habit of trying and discarding pillows so I only bought two for myself. After trying mine he's hooked as well - I'll be back for two more at least!

- Sharyn


These pillows really do live up to their 5 Star hotel name. From the first night I slept on one my sleep was comfortable and I woke up without any soreness in my shoulders / neck. I recommend fluffing them daily as the care instructions says. My favourite pillow to date.

- Nat


Hotel Cloud Collection Pillows


Hotel Cloud Collection FAQs


Q: Why was the Hotel Cloud Collection™ pillow created?
A: There was a need for a high quality, long-lasting, clean pillow that creates a beautiful sleep experience and reflects the 5-star quality. The industry was looking for a product that didn’t become flat and lumpy after continued use. We spent many hours researching in conjunction with hotel professionals and ended up with our luxury exclusive filling to create the ultimate sleep experience.


Q: What kind of pillow is this?
A: Our Hotel Cloud Collection™ pillow is soft and down-like with micro-sized particles with cloud-like filling. As the name suggests, it is meant to feel soft and fluffy like a cloud. The flexible fibres inside can be moved and shaped more than other pillows to encase your neck however you need to. Importantly, the filling is soft enough to let your head sink deep into the pillow and create a nice straight line for your head and shoulders.


Q: Is this a ‘high’ or ‘low’ pillow?
A: This is what the industry refers to as ‘combination density’ and it blends the best of both worlds. Extensive research and testing revealed that the ultra-fine and flexible particles give you the feeling of comfort while gently cocooning your neck to help you find the best sleeping position for a peaceful nights’ sleep.


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In case you were wondering...

All of our linen is stone washed several times before being sent to you, making it ready to use straight away! However, you may like to wash it first to help remove any excess natural fibres.
There is so much to love about linen! Not only does it get the tick of approval for its aesthetic quality, linen is also one of the most sustainable, durable and temperature regulating manchester solutions.
Our flax is grown in France, where the climate allows for ideal growing conditions producing the highest quality. Our pure linen range is then manufactured by hand out of a small SA8000 STANDARD & OEKO-TEX certified factory in China.
GSM stands for grams per square metre, referring to the metric weight measurement of a fabric. A higher GSM represents a higher density. Our linen proudly sits at 170GSM, making it the optimum weight for quality, warmth, comfort and durability. We regularly independently test our fabric to ensure the quality remains consistent.
We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of options, to fully customise your dream bed.

We’re based in Australia, and bed measurements (as well as size names) vary from country to country. We strongly suggest reviewing the size guide to ensure you purchase the perfect size for your bed.

Our Fitted Sheets are available in three depths - shallow, standard and extra deep. While 40cm is most common, some more modern memory foam mattresses are best suited to 30cm. To measure your mattresses depth, measure from the base to the top of the mattress along the pocket seam.

Standard Pillowcases are 50cm x 75cm, designed to fit a little larger as we wanted the relaxed and elegant linen look.