Welcome, Sandalwood Gingham.

Welcome, Sandalwood Gingham.




Discover Sandalwood Gingham, one of three new limited-edition designs in our best-selling Gingham French linen Sheets. Our signature Sandalwood colour woven against a warm White in our timelessly adored Gingham pattern. 

While we'd love to keep them all, we can only keep one limited edition Gingham in our full-time collection. If Sandalwood Gingham is your favourite, vote with your purchase now.



Orange Gingham Bed Sheets




Create a warm, muted caramel space with Sandalwood Gingham



Create a warm and inviting space in your bedroom by dressing your bed in Sandalwood Gingham bed sheets from head to toe. In a neutral space highlight the soft apricot and muted caramel tones by incorporating softer feminine hues to create a warm and welcoming ambience.


 We have chosen a McMullin & Co wooden side table, Jai Vasicek Gypsy limited edition print and some citrus for a pop of colour.





Orange Gingham Linen Sheets

Orange Gingham Sheets


How we styled our Sandalwood Gingham



The caramel hues of our Sandalwood Gingham linen Sheets pair perfectly with the soft pink palette of our Clay Linen Bed Sheets. Recreate our favourite subtle pairing of Sandalwood Gingham with Sandalwood and Clay in your home.

We have created this warm palette with a McMullin & Co boucle stool, a neutral book stack, Jai Vasicek Gypsy limited edition print and some citrus for an added burst of colour. 


Shown below, Sandalwood Gingham Sheet Set styled with our Sandalwood Quilt Cover and Clay Pillowcases. Use the Bundle Curator to style your dream combination using new Sandalwood Gingham bedding





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Gingham linen Sheets


The best sheets to pair with Sandalwood Gingham



Recreate our favourite statement pairing in your home by styling Sandalwood Gingham French Linen Bedding with our much loved Lilac and Blush Sheets and Bedding. Embrace the boldness of this pairing by styling the Sandalwood Gingham Pillowcases and Fitted Sheet,  Lilac Flat Sheet and European PillowsBlush Quilt Cover and matching Pillowcases.

Hero the feminine hues with neutral furniture and tonal styling. We have chosen a McMullin & Co boucle stool, a netural stack of books, Jai Vasicek Gypsy limited edition print and a McMullin & Co vessel.





Sandalwood Gingham Bedding

Orange French Linen Bedding


Discover How to Style Gingham Sheets & Bedding



Whether you prefer your bedroom to be calming, playful or more refined, we have styled our Limited edition Gingham designs to cater for every style. 


Discover How To Style Gingham Linen