The Gift Store is a specially curated haven, designed to make gifting this season simple, refined and accessible. Shop your favourite brands in one place, while we take care of finding the perfect gift for your special person. For those who value self-care rituals to those who love to entertain, there is something for everyone in The Gift Store.

One of our featured brands on The Gift Store is Sunday Lane, a Brisbane-based brand dreamt up by author and illustrator, Caitlyn Everett. Sunday Lane is a store and studio founded on modern-day narratives and inspired gifting. The Sunday Lane store is inspired by effortless, natural beauty and captures the magic of handmade details, offering a unique range of local, Australian and international makers.

We talked to Caitlyn, owner of Sunday Lane, and asked some questions to get an inside look into what she's up to this festive season, as well as learn more about Sunday Lane and the creative process behind it.



1. What are you looking forward to for this festive season at home?

For us, we are moving into our renovated home the week before Christmas, 10 months in the making. We have had a year filled up mostly of work, big dreams and long hours, so to have a minute to breathe as a family, to sit in stillness and properly take in what we have achieved in this wild, wonderful year. A moment of slow as we move toward a new year.

2. What makes you feel most at home?

A space I feel comfortable, inspired, somewhere that is my own. A place for my family to grow, to have moments of great love and to dream up all of our tomorrows. In a year that has seen us without a place just ours, we are so ready to just be together.

3. What are some of the self-care rituals you love to practice?

To define a clear work/life balance. It is so important for me to remove myself from my work and take in sweet moments with my loved ones whenever I can. Besides that - time away always makes a world of difference and I come back feeling entirely refreshed.

4. What does the design process look like when creating your beautiful prints?

Some of my writing comes from research, and hours of practice, other pieces are my own experience. The Morning Sun, my favourite from the Narratives, I wrote when I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old son. It flowed freely from me, it was natural, effortless. Burn was for one of my closest friends and most of everything else I do is what is already inside of me.

5. How would you describe your design aesthetic and style?

My style is organic, natural and filled with love and passion. I am drawn to what inspired me, I pour heart and soul into our brand and I believe what we are building is beautifully unique and powerful, a force for change. Sunday Lane is honest, raw, vulnerable. It is what comes from inside.



Shop Sunday Lane now on The Gift Store. 

Perfect for styling beautiful bedside moments and creating a dreamy home of your own.

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