The Gift Store is a specially curated haven, designed to make gifting this season simple, refined and accessible. Shop your favourite brands in one place, while we take care of finding the perfect gift for your particular person. For those who value self-care rituals, to those who love to entertain, there is something for everyone in The Gift Store.

One of our featured brands on The Gift Store is We Are Posie, a handmade candle and fragrance brand that is forever inspired by the ability of scent to evoke powerful memories. Posie's scent library is diverse, informed by memory, travel and experiences of awe in nature. Each blend is carefully formulated to communicate a place, feeling or moment in time. Posie candles are designed and handmade in Australia, using 100% soy fragrance and essential oils in a collection of reusable vessels. Keeping production local and using thoughtfully made materials reflects Posie's commitment to operating in a way which is fair, cruelty-free and environmentally sound. This year, you can shop Posie on The Gift Store to find the perfect candle that evokes specific memories and emotions for the perfect person. A Posie candle is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for this festive season.

We asked owners of We Are Posie, Ash and Casie, some questions to get an inside look into what they are up to this festive season, as well as learn more about We Are Posie and the philosophy behind it.



1. What are you looking forward to for this festive season at home?

Spending time with family and friends in both Melbourne and Brisbane, and then back home to enjoy some much-needed downtime by the beach.

2. What makes you feel most at home?

Our dog, Frankie.

3. What are some of the self-care rituals you love to practice?

Any form of movement - whether it be a class at the gym, a paddle at the beach or walk around the block. 

4. What is your favourite scent you've made and why?

Casie: VAL which is a blend of Rose, Sandalwood and Yuzu is a special one for me because of it's sentiment. It is named after my grandmother, Valerie. I grew up spending my school holidays with her, quite often outside playing and helping in this amazing rose garden she tended. It brings back such vivid memories and much like this blend, I can't pass by a rose without thinking of her.

Ash: SUR, which is a blend of Cedarwood, Amber and Patchouli. It was the very first blend we created five years ago, and I will never forget the moment we burned it for the first time. It took me straight back to our travels in Big Sur, California. I think it will always be a favourite. 

5. What is involved in the process of creating a scent?

We begin by sketching out the characteristics of each scent idea and how we want that to be interpreted. From here, we begin experimenting with fragrance notes and oils. Working with the complexities of various oils and wax, our initial concept or analogies take a little time to come full circle. A lot of testing and burning is undertaken to ensure we have captured the desired scent while ensuring the scent throw fills the space and creates a sensory experience. 



Shop We Are Posie now on The Gift Store. Perfect for lovers of sentimental gifts, creating a calming atmosphere and anything delicious-smelling.

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