Warm Grey & Ochre French linen bedding - Lookbook

Warm Grey & Ochre French linen bedding - Lookbook


Moody tones with Warm Grey and Ochre for a cosy winter bedroom

Mix in the richness of Ochre with our moody Warm Grey to create an indulgent and beautiful bed. Perfect for the cooler seasons, these colours will soak in the attention of the room. 



Switch up your colours

Warm Grey and Ochre are a combination not to miss, they're rich and they're bold and they'll steal the attention in any room setting. Create a more classic twist by throwing in a few Charcoal Stripe Euro pillows, or brighten it up completely by just adding in some White. As we have recently introduced exciting new shades to our collection, we no longer stock Charcoal Stripe. To achieve a similar look, we recommend our new Pinstripe.



Styling tips

The richness of the colour combinations calls for a touch of lighter style accessories. Choose lighter tone ceramics and add a touch of greenery to balance the moody tones, or run with the darker and more wintery style by stacking a couple beautiful dark covered volumes on the bedside table. 



Notes on linen colours

Be aware that different screens will show different variations of colours. If you want to learn more about the colours please get in contact with one of our designers, or request a swatch.