Mustard & Blush French linen bedding - Lookbook

Mustard & Blush French linen bedding - Lookbook


Blush and Mustard creating the most stunning unexpected colour combination. 

Our exclusive Mustard is the perfect shade to mix in with our soft Blush for a surprisingly bold statement. The soft Blush keeps the look calm and feminine on top but with an element of surprise as the rich Mustard peaks through. Add in more Mustard with your pillowcases or mix in another neutral colour for something calmer. 



Switch up your colours

To change the look you can switch out the Mustard flat sheet for our Soft Grey Stripes and add in Mustard pillowcases for a light touch of Mustard, or do a complete Mustard sheet set with Soft Grey Striped pillowcases. The choice is yours. 



Styling Tips

It's unexpectedly feminine this look so add in some more masculine accessories in bolder colours if you want to make it cooler, or keep the styling soft and neutral so the linen colours do all the talking. Need some help? Talk to us, we're here to help! 



Notes on linen colours

Be aware that different screens will show different variations of colours. If you want to learn more about the colours please get in contact with one of our designers, or request a swatch.