Limited edition Quilt Covers are here! You can now choose between 4 Double Sided Quilt Covers to spoil yourself, or your loved ones this gifting season. Plus, we are sharing the festive glee with 25% off these new arrivals for 3 short days. We are so pleased to kick-start festivities with the introduction of Double Sided Quilt Covers in Clay & Clay Gingham, Olive & Olive Stripe, Natural & White, and Crème & Beige Gingham.



French linen, lookbook, beige gingham, bedding



Clay & Clay Gingham 



Welcoming a playful pairing of earthy Clay and feminine Clay Gingham as our first seasonal Double Sided Quilt Cover style. Flip between deep Clay or pick up the fun with Clay Gingham and embrace the versatility a Double Sided Quilt Cover has to offer.





Olive & Olive Stripe



Bring the hillside fantasy home with Double Sided Quilt Covers in Olive & Olive Stripe. Enjoy the freedom of choice as you mix between botanical Olive or enjoy the delicacy of refined Olive Stripe.





Natural & White



Calm the festive chaos with a Double Sided Quilt Cover classic in White & Natural. This neutral duo was designed for the lovers of minimalism and for those chasing calm within their busy abode.





Crème & Beige Gingham



With 4 new Double Sided styles and 25% off for a limited time only, say goodbye to bedroom boredom with our seasonal Quilt Covers release. Be spoilt for choice with two best sellers carefully sewn to create one Double Sided Quilt Cover warm delight. Enjoy as you mix between warm neutral Crème and classic Beige Gingham.