From farmer's markets to beautiful kitchen moments

We've been obsessed with Maddy Trueman for a while now, one glance at her instagram account is enough to understand why (@maddytrueman).  A passionate foodie, pastry chef in training and wholefood recipe developer, her food creations have always had us hooked.

So naturally, we were excited when she offered to share her kitchen with us. 



Tell us what first started your passion for food?

"From a young age, I have loved experimenting with nutritious food. Many of the influential roles in my life are amazing cooks and most family events growing up were spent with many of us in the kitchen preparing amazing feasts. From there, I was introduced to the hospitality world and tried many different forms of cooking."

"I eventually found my passion for wholefood baking, often incorporating Australian native flavours like myrtle, wattle seed and macadamia. Creating for others sparks so much joy in me. Spending time in my kitchen is my own form of meditation, it is definitely where I feel most myself."

Q: What are your favourite go-to meals? 

"I love starting the day with something filling, quick and easy as I am normally out the door early! Preparing a breakfast panna cotta, a quick smoothie or a cup of bone broth keeps me satisfied! Lunch is almost always leftovers from the night before with a side of fermented vegetables or topped with an egg. For dinner, I love using whatever is seasonal. Rice paper rolls, salad bowls, slow-cooked curries, gnocchi, soups and risottos. My current dinner project is perfecting ramen!"



Maddy Trueman's Gut Health Panna Cotta 

Not only do Maddy Trueman's panna cottas look and taste amazing, but they are full of collagen, thanks to the gelatin content, which makes this breakfast one that is amazing for your skin, hair, nails and gut health! 

"At the moment, I'm obsessed with having it for breakfast, but it also makes an amazing dessert. It takes 10 minutes (if that!) to make the night before and I always look forward to enjoying it upon rising." 



Q: When styling a table what French linen colours would you choose and for what setting?

"I am a sucker for brunch! In the warmer months, I would set a long table outside in the sunshine. I would start with a Milk tablecloth and alternate between Blush, Soft Grey Stripes and Ochre across the table!

In the winter, I would set an intimate dinner party. An Olive tablecloth, with Natural napkins and Inky Charcoal tea towels underneath the tableware."