We celebrated World Sleep Week by curating a series of the best tips to help you have a sound night's sleep. Keep scrolling as we break down each day's tips and read more detail by clicking on the images.


Day 1: A better pillow = a better sleep

While we spend so much time considering our sheets, many of us forget about the importance of a good pillow. Our tip for Day One is to rest your head on a premium quality pillow, for ultimate neck and spine health. We think our Hotel Cloud Collection pillows are the best!


Day 2: Try reading before bed to transform your sleep

Switch that screen time for some reading to help your mind unwind before you sleep. On Day Two we asked @bothsides.bookclub how they transition away from technology to drift off to sleep more effectively.


Day 3: Do this stretch flow

Introduce some gentle movement into your pre-bed ritual, to relax and lengthen your muscles after a long day. On Day Three, Sarah Callahan from @the.body.method gave us the perfect stretch flow.

Day 4: Night-time mindfulness

We've made it easy to introduce some light meditation to your night-time routine, helping to slow your mind and discover inner peace and quiet. On Day Four, our friend Sofia Quintero shared her advice to help anyone getting started in their mindfulness practice.

Day 5: Thinking about better sleep? Think linen

Say goodbye to restless nights when you sink into the softest French linen bedding, helpful in regulating airflow and keeping your body temperature just right. On Day Five we discuss why linen is the superior bedding option and highlight some of our favourite shades.

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