DOUBLE 1200 GSM Hotel Cloud Collection™ 5 star hotel mattress topper

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  • Brings a new level of plush comfort & support to your bed
  • Hypoallergenic & heat regulating for a good night's sleep
  • Designed to 5 star hotel comfort standards
  • Each pocket is generously filled to relieve stress & tension


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Hotel Cloud Collection Mattress Topper

Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper  - Hotel bedding double size

Looking for a better sleep? Experience the bliss of a 5 star sleep with this cloud like support system for your body.

Want to know why this topper is for you? It's all about leading design. The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper is the result of painstaking design and thorough testing to guarantee a beautiful sleep experience. It is so easy to convert an old or too-firm mattress into cloud like bliss in minutes, or turn your new mattress into the ultimate luxury.



  • Keeps you very comfortable: this luxury topper is hand filled with a premium blend of finely spun microfibre filling, maximising air flow to keep you cool as you rest. In fact, this superb filling has been designed specifically for this bedding range and is found in no other brand. 
  • Supports your whole bodywe all sleep in different ways and come in all shapes and sizes. These cleverly designed cushioned pockets add support just where you need it, with a cloud-like layer of comfort to sink into. 
  • Designed without cutting corners: when it comes to your sleep there is no point in compromising. Aside from the state of the art filling, sleep easy on the premium 600TC pure long stapled cotton casing, with each pocket being just the right size to ensure the filling stays in place and enriches your rest with an extra level of padding.
  • Brings the 5 star experience to you: Over 12 months of Research & Development with a luxury hotel consultant testing and refining our design means this topper looks great, feels superb and will transform your bedroom the ultimate getaway night after night.



Hotel Cloud Collection™ was designed initially for the pure luxury standards of the 5 star hotel world 

A collaboarative effort between some key hotel industry players led to the desire to create hotel comfort at home. Many guests would always be asking how to replicate the same feeling for their own beds - and now this very same supportive, soft and 'cloud like' bed feeling will be a part of your home thanks to Hotel Cloud Collection™. If you're a luxury afficionado who craves the 5 star hotel experience in your bedroom then purchase your topper online today.


What's the Hotel Cloud Collection™ difference that makes it so desired? 

This topper took almost 12 months to design and refine in order to meet the high standards set by 5 star hotels. By treating yourself today, you're investing in fine craftmanship and luxury fine micro particles of cloud like filling. The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper comprises of lots of individually filled Hotel Cloud Collection™ compartments that are all woven together to create a whole piece for your bed. The generous inclusion of patented Hotel Cloud Collection™ filling (which to touch feels like a mixture of delicate silk and feathers) in each compartment creates an even feeling of comfort and support for your whole body.

Hotel Cloud Collection™ is a superior filling which enables maximum air flow through each compartment, creating a sensation that you could be 'floating on air' - snugly secured but gently roaming. It creates that 'ahhhhhh' feeling when you flop down on a hotel bed for the first time and wonder how they make their beds feel so deliciously soft yet supportive at the same time.



More FAQ's from happy customers who bought a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper

Q : I have a mattress with a built in 'pillow top' - would I also use a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper?

A : Absolutely, YES! While a pillow top is good in that it does offer some cushion support, it's not designed to serve the same purpose as a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper.

Your Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper was designed to overcome the lack of uncompromising body support that a 'pillow top' in a hotel bed often results in. After many      sleeps, the 'pillow top' will lose its shape and support - never face that situation again by overlaying the patented fill of Hotel Cloud Collection™ on your bed and feel the immediate      and long lasting difference.


Q : I wanted to know if the Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper is very warm, only making it suitable for sleepers who don't feel the heat or for sleeping in Winter only?

A : The definitive answer is 'definitely not'! The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper is for all sleepers and for all seasons. The reason we can genuinely say this is because it goes back to the luxury patented filling, which is a very fine and flexible filling that regulates lots of healthy airflow, avoiding any heat being trapped. Many other toppers for retail have an inferior fill which will also trap pockets of heat and air and not provide anywhere near the air flow that a Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper does.  


Q : Will I need new sheets with a deep wall to go over my Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper?           

A : The Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress topper will enrich your mattress with an extra 5cm - 8cm of support (depending on body weight etc). Add this to your mattress and you can work out what bed linen will suit. 

I Love Linen also sells premium Pure Linen and 1000 thread count sheets with a generous 40cm and 50cm deep wall!









Hotel Cloud Collection™ - how is it different to other toppers on the market?

It's a seriously amazing mattress topper for your bed with micro particles of cloud like filling, which for years has only been available when staying in leading 5 star hotels and boutique luxury accommodation. Designed to meet superior luxury accomodation standards, it turns an ordinary bed into a sanctuary of rest and comfort - suggesting the slight sensation that you're floating on air.

Hotel Cloud Collection™ is different because it uses 100% patented filling that took nearly 12 months to perfect. There has been utter care and craft and many hours spent researching the ultimate filling that is:

  • 1200 GSM luxury topper
  • Superiorly comfortable for your body emulating a cloud like sleep experience;
  • Fine and flexible to regulate airflow to keep you cool;
  • Intuitive to yield to your body shape and then bounce back up when your weight is taken off;
  • Soft and supple yet strong enough to withstand a commercial washing machine;
  • The perfect fill to support your body yet create the cloud like experience.

Extensive market research shows time and time again that customers just adore this fill.



Outer casing is high thread count 100% pure cotton


Ultra plush 1200 GSM filling


1200 GSM luxury topper. Generously filled with state of the art Hotel Cloud Collection™ filling - there is no mistaking that 5 star hotel feeling when you lay down on your bed. It's supportive, cushiony and just heaven!


Superb and 'cloud like' support with a nice supportive and cushiony loft


Wonderful attention to detail - the mattress topper comprises of several 'pockets' that have been sewn together, thereby ensuring your Hotel Cloud Collection™ ultra-soft filling doesn't spread and go lumpy


Anti-microbial and dust mite resistant – so fantastic for allergy sufferers


If you want to freshen up your topper, the easiest way is to give it a shake/fluffing to keep it nice and puffy for all the micro cloud like particles to get some fresh air - we suggest this once a week for optimum results.

In addition, placing it out in direct sunlight, hanging on a clothesline etc is a great way to freshen up your topper. If you want to take it a step further, here is what to do:

  1. To keep clean, Hotel Cloud Collection™ mattress toppers can be machine washed (gentle cyclye) and tumble dried. After washing and drying - give the topper a very good shake to ensure even spread of your filling in each of its pockets.
  2. Note, however, never to dry clean toppers.

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