The Ruby Shirt

Expanding our Wear collection and building on from our timelessly popular Kimono robes, we wanted to design a shirt that will let you take that comfort outside. Designed with effortless and relaxed tailoring in mind the Ruby shirt has been made to be your wardrobe go-to no matter the season. 



Our Reinterpreted Classic Shirt Has A Modern Touch

We wanted to ensure this piece will be loved for a long time to come, and so we re-created the classic shirt cut with extra movement. Designed for a comfortable oversized fit with an elegant drape, a three quarter length sleeve and a rounded collar, you'll want to keep it on all day. 



Five Classic Colours, Worn Your Way

Thanks to the timelessness of our classic shirt design, contrasted with the relaxed linen drape and the generous amount of fabric, our shirt can be worn over jeans, to the beach or dressed up. Tie it, tuck it or let the beautiful cut speak for itself as you go about your day.