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Each month, the Series dives into the creative spaces of those who inspire us - our muses.

All muses have been so generous to share their time, energy and processes with us, allowing a rare peep into how they create their magic. Come along as we capture their creative spirit in full flow.

Our latest edition of The Muse Series casts a spotlight on Justine, owner and florist behind The Bud Club.








Justine's Muse



When asked what serves as Justine's inspiration, she revealed her ultimate muse is other likeminded, local women pursuing their dreams in business.


Justine: "Other women around me, on the coast, starting businesses. They're killing it, taking it by the horns and running with it. It's so cool. It inspires me so much to see other women doing their thing."












The Journey | The Bud Club



We asked Justine to share a little about the journey of creating The Bud Club and what made her decided to be a Florist.


Justine: "It was more my Mum that got me into it. She saw something in me, that I didn't quite see for myself yet. She introduced me to the local Florists, and then Imogen from Wild Lotus, who took me under her wing and to a couple of weddings and showed me the ropes.

            What has gotten me to where I am is probably a lot of hard work. I feel like I've always been really driven and everything that I've done I've committed to. But this just felt right and natural. I was excited to do it, so the hard work didn't seem so hard."






Favourite Florals and Dream Clients


We couldn't interview a Florist without asking the obvious, so we asked Justine to share her favourite florals with us and any aspirations she has for herself as a Florist and for The Bud Club.


Justine: "It's so hard! Tulips, poppies, and orchids. They're definitely my top 3.

Gucci is my dream client! Using tulips and orchids to create a wild runway for a capsule floral collection.

Weaving the design of the collection into my work. That would be the dream!" 


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