With the earthy tones in our Milk Natural Thick Stripe linen, it's the perfect colour to use as a base thanks to its versatility.

Beginning with two different moods in mind, we chose opposing colours that both work beautifully with the stripe but create totally different looks. 



Pairing Blush with the stripe creates a softer look that is more feminine, but not overpowering thanks to the natural tones in the stripe. 



Use prints and ceramics that subtly pick up the tones of your bed to bring the look together. We chose delicate prints with a small hint of pink along with clay vase in similar tones to the stripe. 



If you only want a light touch of Blush, add pillowcases or pair the duvet with a full blush sheet set - it's up to you! 



If you like something earthier and bold, Olive Ivy is the colour for you. Tieing in beautifully with the natural tones in the stripe, it creates a calm and relaxing mood.  



We didn't add a lot of Olive Ivy to the look and left it simple but that's not to say a full Olive Ivy sheet set wouldn't work beautifully. 



To build on the look, we choose accessories in unique shapes and heights in soft and dark colours to add extra depth to the look.



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Flat sheet in Olive

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