It's no surprise that white bed linen is one of the most popular choices. It's the highest selling item in our sheet selection in our online linen store!

White is pure, refreshing and really creates that crisp linen look in your bedroom. We love white sheets, especially when they're freshly laundered and you slip into bed and feel snug, clean, and cocooned.

If you're choosing bed linen, white works because you can shape it to your own bedroom design. Shabby Chic, Retro (like our inspiration board here), Contemporary, Beach Style - it works in any of these settings.

When choosing bed sheets for your room, white sheets are a safe option because you can bring out other colours through the choices you make with your furniture and styling. We've shown you how to create a very cool Vintage inspired bedroom by sticking to mid-century furniture shapes, some cool vases, a chic throw rug ( available in our online linen store) and a classic lamp in a bright cherry red to add a great pop of colour.

Why not treat yourself to our 1000 thread count white sheets - as they really do feel amazing because we source linen made from 100% A1 grade cotton.

Happy shopping!


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