Posted: 14 March 2021


Thinking about sleeping better? Think linen


Quality sleep is fundamental to ensuring good health, though it's often an elusive experience for so many. Our team spend a lot of time thinking about how to help our customers sleep better, and we're sold on the benefits of making the switch to high quality pure French flax linen bedding. We are always delighted when our customers reach out to tell us just how much better they sleep when they try our linen sheets for the first time. French linen sheets don't just look rustic and lovely on your bed, the fabric is woven from the flax plant, which creates a fabric that is wonderful at regulating airflow (in a better way than most other bedding fabrics). This ensures that you won't wake up feeling overly hot or cold and encourges a long nights sleep.  French linen bedding ensures you will indulge in a long, restful sleep, night after night.


The Goodnight Co Deep Sleep Drops 20ml


Why choose linen?


Another reason why linen is a great way to increase the quality of your sleep is because it is a natural fibre, better for your health and also better for the environment. The flax (linen) plant grows naturally with less water than other materials and every part of the plant is used, leaving no waste. 




Welcome to your best night's sleep yet


As we celebrate the final day of World Sleep Week, we'd love to encourage you to feel the difference with our French linen bedding and start sleeping better. With the launch of our brand new shades Créme & Sienna, exclusive to I Love Linen, it is simply the perfect time to restyle your bed into a cosy sleep haven. Go on, you deserve it!