Posted: 14 March 2021


Night-time mindfullness


To celebrate the fourth day of Sleep Week, we interviewed the gorgeous Sofia Quintero from @the.body.method about all things mindfulness and meditation. Sofia was kind enough to share tips about how to establish the perfect night-time meditation routine. Read along to learn how to relax your mind and body before bed. 


The Body Method


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What are some of your favourite night-time mindfulness affirmations?


The softness overcoming the hardness.

To those who find stillness, the whole universe surrender. 

At ease, at peace and free of disease. 



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What are the necessary steps for starting a night-time meditation routine?


1. Set aside 15 minutes before sleep as your special quiet abode time. This is the time that is fully devoted to your internal cultivation.‚Äč

2. Light a candle or incense, turn off all electrical devices, and practice turning your attention inwards. Meditation begins by making everything tranquil, allowing your body and mind to let go of all unnecessary tension and creating a space for insight and introspection. 

3. Focus on the natural cycles of your breath as you place your right hand on your lower abdomen, and you are left hand over your sternum. 

4. Without any forceful strain, deepen and lengthen your breath whilst bringing your awareness to your ribcage and lower abdomen, expanding on the inhalation and softening on the exhalation. 

5. Keep coming back to the breath and allow it to lead you closer to a state of inner peace and quiet.
Now you are paving the way for a restful sleep, leaving all tension behind and embracing the nourishment and healing available for you.

Note Thoughts and sensations will come and go but your breath will be your anchor.



How do you choose to wind-down before bed?


Before bed, I like to practice Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic self-massage great for calming and soothing the entire nervous system. As I let the oils do their magic, I prepare a cup of Tulsi Tea and enjoy a good documentary or a relaxing book. After removing the oils, I practice a series of Yin Yoga postures followed by meditation. I find this to be a wonderful way to cultivate a sense of ease and comfort, where both body and mind can relax into a deeper sense of calm in preparation for a good night's sleep.


The Body Method


PHOTOGRAPHY: @hw_photography.

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