Posted: 14 March 2021


A better pillow = better sleep


While many of us spend a lot of time researching the best sheets (hint: try our signature French flax linen range here) most of us don't give our choice of pillows the same consideration. One element we feel sets us apart is that we have designed beautiful bedding as well as a hotel range of pillows that are soft, cosy, supportive, garner five-star reviews and constantly sell out.


Hotel Cloud Collection


The Goodnight Co Deep Sleep Drops 20ml


5 Star Hotel Bedding


You'll find these pillows on the beds of some of Australia's most luxurious accommodation's, including Raes at Wategoes in beautiful Byron Bay.


 Love Tea Loose Leaf Sleep Tea 60g


Why Choose Hotel Bedding?


Our designer and founder spent a lot of time travelling for work and was often frustrated at the inconsistent pillow quality she found. Determined to address this, we've designed our best-selling Hotel Cloud Collection™ range of pillows that will literally change the way you sleep. 



Feel the difference when you sleep...


Hotel Cloud Collection™ is different because it uses 100% patented filling that took over 12 months to perfect. There has been utter care and craft and many hours spent researching the ultimate filling that is: 

  • Superiorly comfortable for your neck and spine emulating a cloud-like sleep experience;

  • Fine and flexible to regulate airflow to keep you cool as you sleep;

  • Intuitive to yield to your neck and give you the support your need to have a great night's sleep, and then bounce back up when your weight is taken off.

Our team also use these beautiful pillows and agree with our customers' feedback, which we'd love for you to read below.




Hotel Cloud Collection


"I took a chance buying pillows online but they are seriously fantastic pillows. Not too soft or too firm but JUST RIGHT!!"


"I have a lot of trouble sleeping comfortably and I move around a lot so getting the right pillow for me has always been hard. These pillows are amazing, they offer heaps of support while still being soft and fluffy. I’ve never slept better."


"Amazing, the most comfortable pillows ever."