Posted: 15 April 2021



Sienna: A note from the Designer


"This shade has been long in the making. Back in early 2020 I was drawn to the architecture and styling of the homes found in and around Mallorca. It's a dreamy island with the most beautiful architecture. I love the deep burnt tones set against white washed neutral walls. The idea to create a new styled collection that mixes the soft and the rustic tones was born...Sienna is a mature big sister to our other exclusive shade Desert Rose, full of deep rich tones it's the perfect trans-seasonal colour choice." - Lauren



Sienna x Sienna


Let Sienna take the spotlight and match your new Quilt Cover & Sheet Set for a deep, bold, earthy look. The rustic red / brown undertones look sensational when styled with simple, white, textural pieces to complete the Mediterranian inspired look. Here Sienna has been styled with a simple Olive Tree (from Olive You) and print's Jessia Yolanda Kaye.


Sienna & Crème, the perfect pair

Styled here is our Crème Quilt Cover Set & Sienna Sheet Set


Our designer released these two exclusive new shades, Sienna & Crème, together, with the intention that they would create the perfect harmony. Both Crème and Sienna are inspired by the deep burnt tones of Mediterranean Sunsets, set against white washed neutral walls, making them the perfect combination. Pair these two shades on your bed, and be transported to the coastline of Spain.



Sienna & Clay, a tonal dream

Styled here is our Quilt Cover Set in Sienna our Sheet Set in Clay.


Inspired by our love of tonal shades combinations, our exclusive shade Clay is the perfect blend of earthy, dusky pink tones to compliment the depth of Sienna. Mesmerising on any bed, these two shades work effortlessly as a tonal Earthy duo.