We designed the Ruby shirt for leisure. Our muse Chelsey Rouen took our Ruby to sun-drenched Santorini. Chelsey tells all on her favourite spots, what she loves the most about the design, and where she plans going on her next adventure.



Q: What are your top three finds in Greece?


1. Polônia, this was such a gem of a village in Milos that for our first few days on the island we didn’t feel any need to leave. Relaxed moments spent on the deck (shown in the images in the white Ruby shirt) bike rides to watch the sunset the other side of town and dinner by the water. Need I say more?? 

2. Can I say a restaurant? If so, Katharos Lounge in Santorini! This place was that special we returned 3 times. Watching the sunset with a glass of delicious Greek wine - bliss!

3. The heart of Santorini view. Away from the crowds we stumbled upon this viewpoint whilst exploring on the quad and the calm found here, alongside the view, was a dream. 



Q: What do you love about The Ruby Shirt?


What is there not to love about the Ruby Shirt? The ideal travel companion giving that soft and relaxed effortless look (and feel). Pair it with some white bottoms or add as a layer over a dress and you have your ideal summer look. 



Q: Where to next Chels?


For the rest of this year we will be staying more local and exploring Australia. North Queensland and some very special AirBnB stays around NSW are on the horizon for the coming months. Next year we have some big ones such as the US, Mexico and back to my all-time favourite - Portugal!