Posted: 24 October 2021




What we're reading, watching & listening to



Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at I Love Linen? Besides a whole lot of linen designing, launch planning, product testing & social scheduling, we also love to debrief on what our team is reading, watching & listening to. We have all been craving new content lately, and only assume others are in the same boat, so for once, we thought we would share our latest recommendations beyond the four walls of our vibrant office. Honestly, this whole blog could have been a deep dive into the Real Housewives franchise, but we challenged ourselves to think beyond Beverly Hills and share our most noteworthy finds this month. 




Lainey's watching



Lainey: Guilty for being on the same train as every other Netflix fiend. This binge worthy series will resonate with the generation who grew up reading/ watching The hunger Games. My hot tip is to watch it in Korean with subtitles for added effect and authenticity. 



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Kellie's reading



Kellie: A little bit late to the party, but one of the most captivating novels I've read in a long time. An innocent youthful romance that transports you back to heart-warming memories of your first love. 





Charlotte's listening to



Charlotte: I love the light-heartedness of this podcast, it's the perfect accompaniment to the border traffic I am faced with most mornings. The hosts speak to a female, millennial-dominant audience and discuss topics of exciting and relevant pop culture. 





Taegen's watching



Taegen: This documentary really gave me more context as to why I already had a passive, unexplored admiration for Heath Ledger. He achieved so much more than I realised, beyond the memorable roles he played. A true creative revolutionary in just 28 years of life. 





Coco's watching



Coco: Whether you're interested in the book, film or TV Series, every iteration of this story is a must. The 2020 TV series is an adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel. It has an amazing soundtrack teamed with an incredible cast, led by dream girl Zoƫ Kravitz.





Meg's listening to



 Meg: Such an educational & eye-opening podcast, teaching me about topics I didn't know I cared about. Each episode deep dives into an everyday convenience we succumb to without knowing the harm attached to it. 



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