Post Summer Blues

If the end of Summer has you feeling a little down, never fear. We've curated a list of fail-proof tips, tested by the I Love Linen team, to help you get excited for the new season ahead. 




Autumn / Winter tends to make me feel a little fatigued, so I like to prioritise my health and commit to a challenge at my gym,make sure I'm leaving the house, moving my body and getting those endorphins flowing. 




In the cooler months, I love to focus more on my home-cooked meals and baking. There is something so grounding about taking the time to make a beautiful and comforting meal from scratch, and something even better about sharing it with loved ones! I love to entertain, and my Autumn / Winter recipes are the perfect excuse for me to break out my French linen dining wear




At the end of Summer I love to reset my wardrobe. I cull out all the clothes I know I won't wear and put them in the spare room. Then I bring in the jackets and long-sleeved dresses I forgot I had and am excited to wear them again. Feels like I've gone on a shopping spree in my own closet, without spending a dollar.




Just like you buy a new set of swimmers each Summer, I buy a new Quilt Cover each Autumn. Spending more time in my room / bed definitely warrants a bedroom refresh, and helps me feel excited to curl under the covers and enjoy the change of season. My colour pick for Autumn is the French linen Ochre / Sandalwood Double Sided Quilt Cover. 





By Autumn, all the time I spent at the beach and in the sun during Summer catches up to me! As the weather cools, I like to prioritise my self care rituals. I love to pamper myself and have a little at home spa day. I treat myself to a warm bath with a glass of wine, followed by wrapping myself in my French linen Robe to apply all my skincare.  






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