Posted: 24 July 2022


As a team and business we are still on our own sustainability journey, although we are not perfect, we are working to reduce our footprint where we can. A few changes we have made as a business include swapping to biodegradable bags, recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping, and ordering considered limited quantities to avoid wastage.

This Plastic Free July the team at I Love Linen are sharing small snippets from their own sustainability journey in the hope of encouraging you to make some small changes of your own.

Lauren, Founder and Product Designer

1. I shop as much as I can in bulk and store in glass jars.

2. I have a vegetable garden at home and also compost.

3. Going forward as a business, we will continue to find new ways to be plastic free and carbon neutral because it's the right, and only course of direction for me as a business owner.



Lainey, Campaign and Partnerships Manager

1. I use my mesh produce bags while doing grocery shopping so I don't need to use the single use plastic ones.

2. I have the Seed & Sprout Un-Baking paper and Reusable Stretch lids to eliminate the need for Baking Paper & Cling Wrap.

3. Going forward, I'm going to make my own natural cleaning products to store in glass bottles so I don't need to buy ones in plastic anymore.



Sammy, Customer Care eCommerce Manager

1. Each week I complete my grocery shop at the local farmers market and bring my own reusable bags to purchase & store my produce in.

2. I carry my Frank Green water bottle with me everywhere & also refill a large dispenser of filtered water each week to prevent buying bottled water.

3. Going forward, I am going to start making my own almond milk so I can reduce the amount I buy at the store.



Georgia, Customer Service Agent

1. I carry my own ceramic reusable cup with me all the time as I drink a lot of takeaway coffee!

2. I make sure to always have my reusable shopping bags (or my linen carry all bag) in my car so that I am never without a more sustainable option when shopping.

3. Going forward, I am going to slowly move to plastic free care products to help lower my use of plastic at home and in my daily care routine. 

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