Posted: 12 February 2021

Explore the Places We’ve Been, where we feature some of our community who have taken our linen on the road to accompany their adventures. They share their rituals, journeys, and favourite places they’ve been. Our first Places We've Been features four of our beautiful community members -  @journeyswithjunee, @chasingthesummerfields, @emilykeatley & @raise.our.tribe, and explores their personal journey with the raw and real lifestyle that comes with being on the road.


We were inspired by our conversations with these wonderful women and want to share these moments with you. 


@journeyswithjunee | Sandalwood Quilt Cover, Blush Sheet Set & Sage Pillowcases

Photographed in @journeyswithjunee's old vintage van | Perth, Western Australia


@raise.our.tribe | 100% French Linen Sheet Set in Beige Gingham 

"Our rituals definitely go out the window when we are on the road and that’s the beauty of it - the freedom makes you sit in the present, think less but do more - be outside and in the ocean daily - play in nature and appreciate what’s free here for us to enjoy - we keep up with slow mornings and stay true to our low tox and plastic free life as much as we can especially at bed time for the kiddos." @raise.our.tribe



@emilykeatley | 100% French linen Ochre Quilt Cover Set & Blush Pillow Cases

"Being such a rhythmic person, routines are especially important on the road as they allow me to feel grounded. My nighttime consists of my skin routine, a quick tidy of the van and then curling up into the best linen with a book." @emilykeatley


@chasingthesummerfields | 100% French linen Desert Rose Quilt Cover Set & Blush Sheet Set

@chasingthesummerfields shares stunning images of her adorable young family in our dreamy linen. Her travel content has us longing for our next Australian escape.  


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